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ShameandEggs @UnitedLeftist Whether I have free will or not could not possibly matter. Functionally they are the same thing, so I tell myself I have free will and I am responsible for my actions. I think it’s a radical act to insist on ones own agency. Scratch a liberal, a fascist bleeds. Black Lives Matter. Abolish the police.
grosom31 Ayr, Scotland @CmMcaloon @ScottZILWarrior @CharlieShrem That makes no difference to me, I have a mind of my own if I follow someone and they act a certain way I have free will to unfollow at any time, as does anyone else, I was only speaking about scott! cashapp/paypal in bio Twitch/grosom420 ,cashapp£grosom31 not a giveaway account DNP3 legit!
lottiemckitten United Kingdom @HealeyErika @nickolasdreyfus Why do you care? I will walk around with pants on my head if I want to, why? Because I have free will, I can and maybe want to 🤷‍♀️ it appears to me that you need to get a hobby #getalife #youidiot #mindyourownbusiness
ramatoulay3_ @UnitedLeftist My spirituality leads me to believe that everything that is to happen is already set. BUT I believe I have free will at the same time just that what I chose and decide was already known (by higher power). Rama • she/her - I do be posting about Black Lives Matter and Liberation for ALL #nowarbutclasswar
JayneRMcGibbon Greenock, Scotland Apparently a man has the power to control what I think, say and do.... Apparently I don't have my own mind.... Apparently posting the truth is a smear campaign that I have been told to conduct.... Naw mate! I can think for myself and I have free will and freedom of speech! Mother of 3, Happy Pats Fan, Owner Of The Great Inverclyde Toy Exchange and Eat Well, Spend Less - Inverclyde, #Goober, #TeamValor #PokemonGo
Sawney_Mor Cambridge, England Man: Can I have free will? God: Do you promise you won’t use it to stoke hate and division over millennia, up to a grizzly tipping point, leaving your species, planet and everything on it facing imminent extinction? Man: I swear on my children's lives. “Do not adjust your mind, the fault is in reality.” - R.D. Laing
Joker38812414 Egypt @ariglossymoon I have free will and freedom of speech you weak pressed little girl. Are you gonna keep barking my pet or what? Reply back to this comment if you're my obedient shedog. ⭐Gaga/Taylor/Britney⭐ Fan Account. Teenage Egyptian Arabian warrior princess. Future stunt double
mmk2626 @RipSity @HowieHawkins No I’m pretty sure I have free will to form my own thoughts and based on everything I see and read especially the videos of everything trump says I believe he is racists, very sexist, overall a piece of crap person cash app:$Meliket
ogoezuonu Jos, Nigeria Destiny or destination? Free or same? If God knows every move before I choose a lane. Do I have free will? Does my future alternate? How can I be “out” my mind and still be in-sane ? Who’s sending subliminal messages on my tv? Are these economic systems just a form of slavery? Creative director @CHEDDAH_s PIECE | FASHION DESIGNER | STYLIST | FASHION & WARDROBE CONSULTANT | ARTIST all exist in the mind!
lovelyinpink any weekend I have free will only be spent with my boyfriend and resting. No one invite me anywhere bc the answer will be NO! no pasa nada 🥴
DawnWineryDiluc Dawn Winery @aetherlovesu I have free will and that will is telling me no #DILUC : The Favonius knights do things a little too inefficient.
DaleInnis SecondLife, all over th' place @Cico_j @Crumlinfinglas @publicroad @asmamk I'm puzzled that you continue to say that things with free will can choose not to obey descriptive laws. I have free will, but cannot refuse to obey the law of gravity. Are you making a distinction here between me and my body, perhaps? A random Second Life Resident :) I joined Twitter for SL stuff, but then like politics happened. Perpetual love and apologies to all followers!
miu_rellyrel Los Angeles, CA I hate telling people the one they think is the one is not the one. When I tell y’all they do not miss in responding the same thing- “well I have free will so ima make it work” or some form of that. I stay silent and look like this 🙂. My mentors do the same thing to me 😂 Your only job is to keep your soul free🕊Dreamville. Duke Alum🎓.🇵🇦. IG: _miurellyrel
mcfmonds My religion only taught me that i have free will and do what’s gonna make me happy in my own little ways! Dream and Hustle, hustle baby🤞🏻
ninz_pi @emilie_haeley She did not, I have free will and tbh I think she just wants me to actually work on my thing lol author of BELLATRIX on webtoon! Link:
MaQe_My_Day @BSHerrle @FlockeyTom @EveylnM67 @PowderedWhiskey @SrSwanson1 @scarletstwin @KyManInTheWoods @estocker8 @JoanisMarvin @Bruceb2The @desrev01 @aleeyun_nvaazun @Geisler831 @El_Brendo @wendytee41 @JulieBBetz @jimmy102787 @Navy_Lady_45 @adartproducer @Cinnamon305 @baalter @brother_itchy @enginefrog9 @tpel78 @PogueMoran @oypy2020 @janne_clark @SickoftheSwamp @AceOfSpadesTX @Plumbing101guy @belgique93 @ElizAKByrd @luke_holland78 @ksteven37 @POTUS @JudicialWatch @VP @realDonaldTrump You are programmed to not like anything in this world. You are controlled by your programmers. I have free will, you do not. I pity you and your hatred for God. beep beep bop bo beep or 1001110 10010100 1001001 1001001 100110 10 A guy with a cat who searches for truth. 3 6 9 - What better way to celebrate Nikola Tesla's b-day than to free mankind? July 10, 2020 #GodWins #theLawOfOne
Lucy1ca Ontario Canada @DragonMaster0x @MarjoriePaulso8 Not wearing one I do not comply to Draconian law I have free will and choice I am that I am! Love Light and Kindness We changed World
darknesscaIIing (TMArp. mod is 19, he/they) @AdelardDekker i have free will. and they would never hurt me. if it is decided my life is better suited as a sacrifice, i will accept my fate with honour. there is no harm behind it. 14. he/him. devout follower of the People’s Church of the Divine Host.
Dee42287865 @tonetalks @icecube I don’t need to be “awakened” that sound like some cult ish! I have free will and a functioning brain!! I’m good ova here!! GTFOH with that mess!! #VoteBlueDownBallot VOTE DEMOCRATIC 2020 UP AND DOWN THE BALLOT
_SoullessFreak @Death69844668 Anna: I was under what you people call God's command for way too long now... I am now, my own person. I have free will. And that... M a k e s m e s t r o n g e r . The Green Demon has been defeated, but it's not even close to over yet
kjdaniel31 The Woodlands, TX @DustinBenge I’ve never comprehended how the non-reformed can live without fear. If I have free will, I can use it to thwart the plans God might have had for you. How could God stop me if he cannot impact my free choices? Everything would be a danger and Romans 8:28 would be an empty promise. Working on a MBS at The Masters University. Saved by grace, and He will finish what He began. Cowboys, Mavericks and Aggies. Wannabe golfer, archer, marksman.
Silk_Sheets @InfidelAngela @AnnaApp91838450 I have free will and I will NOT listen to one word of anything except to hear “the witch is dead” then I’ll go on vacation or to an amusement park and have some fun 🇺🇸AMERICA 🇺🇸 the last bastion of freedom and liberty in the world is under attack!! I COLOR REVOLUTION is upon us! in the end, God Wins!
Chukwu_mah Lagos, Nigeria. @orsar_dennis @segalink Because I have free will, so I can sleep with my neighbors wife. Lol. Bros laws are made because we can abuse our free will. LGBT+ recruit straight people into their domain. And you think it does not cause harm to the straight person. Children will then be introduced into it.
AriMeyer3 @ErichKays @GopThat @Jenn83299747 @DrFrankTurek I have FREE WILL and so do you!!!!!! “By faith Moses,.........choosing rather to be mistreated with the people of God than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin.”
Craneger New Jersey, USA @GKJoe Lol. I had someone tell me that Satanism is great because they say, do what you want, but harm no one. I don’t need these clowns to tell me I have free will and can do what I want. And to be frank, “no one” apparently doesn’t include the infants they slaughter in their rituals. 50-something conservative. Like to read and travel. God (Yod Heh Vav Heh) is real, and through Israel sent His Son Yeshua to redeem us: John 3:16.
FaithfulLambs Worldwide @iamdenisseeeeee You do have free will, and I never said you didn't. But our purpose here is to serve God, not the flesh. The flesh will die. But God is True Life. And I have free will to fight for God and the unborn babies and the living as well, which I do. Serving Jesus Christ and the unborn babies, 40 to 50 million murdered per year worldwide. Be a Voice for Those with No Choice. Follows & RTs r not endorsements.
LDboze1981 Houston, TX Power does what it wants I have the power to do something about my life so does Joe Biden and Donald Trump the first amendment it’s about making sure you do your job was Joe Biden doing his job being honest about Hunter Biden while you pay taxes? Well I have free will like Moses I'm cool and fun
FightOnTwist The God Quarry Okay, guys. In honor of @xmentas’ new book, The Art of X-Men The Animated Series, being released, I am going to give away a free copy during my live Twitch stream later tonight. The book is $50, but I will pay for it and have it sent to your house. Staff Writer at @TheMarvelReport | Contributor @AthlonSports | Work feat. on ESPN, NBC, CBS, & more | email:
LilianGarcia Los Angeles, CA Have you missed #GloryFriday?! Well, it's back! And I’m so excited to announce that @BraunStrowman will kick off the new season of #ChasingGlory which debuts this Monday, October 26 on the FREE VERSION OF THE WWE NETWORK!Get fired up cause it's about to get real, raw & inspiring! ExecProd&Host of: @chasingglory on IG - @ProFightLeague CAGE ANNCR/Singer-Songwriter/Speaker/ 15 yr WWE Alumni IG:@LilianGarcia Bookings:
ryanmurrant With the governments stance on #schoolmeals I have decided to help @FareShareUK In my town of Bourne I will be taking free photos on Halloween of families on their doorsteps and asking for a £5 donation to @fareshare (if they can). The link to donate is Photographer & content creator. Midlands Based - UK Wide. Website
JSNNn20 Fußball Club Burnley “I am delighted our local businessses have bounced back so much after lockdown they are able to give away food for free, and very much hope they will not be seeking any further government support.” - North Devon Conservative MP, Selaine Saxby. former BTAFC media manager // Bashley’s back @BurnleyOfficial
AnnaTho71348758 Llandudno, Cymru @spectator I think you'll find brexit will have a bigger impact on the economy and free market, muppets. Tory owned spectator 🤮🤮 Cefnogi Cymru annibynnol Aelod o #YesCymru
nyurangnie 𝗰𝗵𓈒 ꗃ 찬 ⨾ 희. 𓂃 ! short translator's note ! 🧚‍♀️ like sunwoo said, every single one of you are soso special, valid and beautiful. if there's anything bothering you, you want to vent, feel free to dm me ! i hope youve had a lovely day today / and will have an amazing day ahead of u. 한 / ENG #!☆ ㅡ SHE , HER ◡̈ 5TEEN
INDIGOGAG ⚜️ Heauxs will tell you mind your business when it’s on the INTERNET FOR FCKN FREE. IT IS MY BUSINESS NOW, and I have a comment. Dog Dad • Weird... yet addictive 👽 • RCs & Brunch
AnxiousElliott Minneapolis, MN Every day I wake up and have an inescapable yearning for minecraft. Will i ever be free? 🏳️‍🌈 queer, he/him, 24!| 🔮Twitch Affiliate🔮 |Comics, Poetry, and Music| Objects in the mirror may smell worse than they appear
wheeliedealer Lots Free Education...CLICK HELLO TO ALL NEW FOLLOWERS ... Thank you for choosing the WD Tweeting account (it's not mandatory you know ;-) ...) and I hope it helps you. I have Open DMs so feel free to message me. I won't reply fast but I will reply. Oh, got some websites somewhere. :-) Experienced Full Time Investor - follow my investing diary. Nothing I tweet can in any way be considered investment advice.
GolfNovelist Stratford upon Avon I DO NOT want you to buy my golf novel INSTEAD I would encourage you to donate £2 to The Golf Foundation. If you do, please let me know. I have a dozen spare paperbacks kicking around and will gladly send you a signed copy for free. Author of The Bainbridge Diaries Golf Themed Legal Mysteries. On sale at iTunes, Amazon Kindle and B&N
Tempestpeacock1 Neptune @Ed_Miliband @Keir_Starmer “I am delighted our local businesses have bounced back so much after lockdown they are able to give away food for free, and very much hope they will not be seeking any further government support.” Studying humans for my alien overloads
taesodasbtch blue sun idk if I’ve made this clear yet but I fully support Irene and I will not be on some ot4 bull so if you have a problem with that, feel free to sb :) ★ she/her minor | taesodasbtch on instagram | back up: @momochakooky | carrd:
NessaQueenAlien Amity Island I’m officially debt free. This will be the first month in 2 and 1/2 years that I haven’t had to make a $300 payment. If I didn’t have a monthly EDC payment I would literally only have 2 bills (car insurance/phone). Such a weird feeling.... | Horror fan🖤|Nerd🤓| Demon Child♊️|
Thomasravenel United States @Woodlawnsanta Correct, I no longer have to worry about money but you’re wrong about the reasons. Just remember Envy is one of the 7 deadlies and unlike the others, it gives no pleasure. I pray you have success and live in a free enterprise system that will take away your worries. ...miles to go before I sleep...
matthew062583 @boothyric @lesley100 @realDonaldTrump I mean in the next 10 years everyone will have an electric car. Tesla batteries are becoming so efficient and the prices are coming down on the cars that gas cars will not be able to compete. But the free market decides
SPOON15283474 my house @Ink0742 Aw :( that's not cool.. I'm sorry to hear that, I would help you but I'm too stupid to do that ;-; don't feel so down, there will always be a next time! Maybe you won't be free today or tomorrow, but one day you won't have hw and you will do anything you want! Remember I'm here❤ I don't know how to talk and I'm bad at splatoon, that's all you need to know
PaulCarmichaelV London @Reeben18 @SirHogWild @SsssCharlie @DrJonRogers Also having a child requires you to not be the centre of your own universe. I suspect that may be an issue. Teaching your child free will and that they don’t have to have your views is the most important empowering thing a parent can do. Waffler of Historical Context (relating to performance). Occasional director. Former L!VE TV writer. VoiceOver artist for cash. Archie & Reg podcast.
car1ygoodman My kid was too young to understand our March lockdown and she will be completely devastated when I tell her she can’t go to school & play with her friends & have halloween for 2 weeks because of covid exposure. WHAT PROFOUND FAILURE. If he wins again we will never be free. Immigration historian/DV lottery; editor @madebyhistory; Visiting Assistant Professor La Salle Univ; ACLS public fellow/afsc_org; Philadelphian; she/her
Littlerumple Luxemburg @discorporateme @michaelsheen Look. Mr. Sheen is a free human with his own liberties and I’m sorry but pushing someone to do this or that is not how it works. He apparently retweeted, yes great! And then people are like: oh yes but can you do this or that? There will be a point were you have enough.
miyatron stay atiny ahgase moa mmm whoever said that crap i PROMISE you will never have another moment of happiness in your life... your bloodline will suffer for hundreds of generations to come and you will never be free from the curse you have placed upon yourself.... repent and suffer for your sins haseul my poor meow baby my little baby who hurt so much but treats people with nothing but kindness forgive me for not being able to do more... I tri
DrCorriel Tenafly, NJ @rekhakuttikat Super interesting! I really find the topic fascinating. Nature versus nurture concept and how much free will we really do have. MD turned content-creating monster | I feed on ideas.. & funnies | Created @SoMeDocs to help physicians build powerhouse online voices | #SoMeDocs Incubators
kathrynanywhere Toronto, Ontario Toronto can be an expensive place, but the locals know where to see and do free things with kids. Check out the Free Things To See In Toronto With Your Kids that I have put together and will continue to update @tobloggers @SeeTorontoNow @AttractionsOnt Family Travel Expert ✈️ Award Winning TV Editor & Travel Writer 👩🏼‍💻Adventure Seeker 🏕 Ninja 🥋Proud 🇨🇦 @TravelMediaCA member @tobloggers co-founder
DudeMeisterDawg In your face! @Mamacita4life Not only free, but they are trying to give little extras and discounts and such as extra incentives. Never had a flu shot and never will. Also have never had the flu and I am 50 and out of shape. LOL Back in the saddle! Again! Pro America! T/P2020! Beat Slow Joe and the Hoe! I FOLLOW BACK ALL PATRIOTS!!!! If easily offended don't follow me.

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