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dumbasskiddd I should be sleeping by now ‘cause tomorrow I have virtual classes and homework to do but don’t care I’m a free soul and I have free will and you know that bff @katyperry a kid who likes to speak in English
rednosedeerboi @abstraktrp "I guess. I'm still trying to rebuild my friendship with Circuit and Hothouse again because Midas would never let me see my friends. I have so much to catch up on now that I have free will again and it's weird". This Deer No Longer Has A Home Main @Superslothpants
afropxks i make this bitch so mad day in and day out cause i have free will and can do whatever tf i want while she ain’t getting no love and no dick cause she’s lame and a forkin weirdo. luv that for me ✨ she/her | bi/pan | barely awake | bonafide bitch
collieparker they/them he looks like this and i have it in writing that i have free will to do what i want local tough guy and your best friend
deniseki El Dorado Hills, CA @RawandaStone I have free will and will not obey stupid crap but I like being submissive to a nice fella who smiles a lot. :) I played the obedient wife part for 11 years and it nearly destroyed me. If you’re happy to do things for someone cause they’re awesome it’s barely even obedient. idk who I am yet
BhairavShiva And i became Saraswati. And my entire existence revolves around murdering the rich and taking politicians out of power so i wont HAVE TO work for minimum wage anymore. So that NO ONE will have to work at all. Haha. I became a god. I have free will! Shall i give you despair? Supreme Saraswati is existence called Sheik
AngelDaddy4 Northern Canada Angel: So do I have free will? Me: Do you think you do? Angel: I think I do. But what if I don't and I just think I do? I guess I have free will, but if they make me think I have it, and I don't, but I think I do, is that free will? And after more talking. A daddy and daughter writing team with a comic "Invasion City" and a book, "A Girl and her Dragon" currently in production. YouTube videos and more coming soon.
stuart_dalyQ City of London, London @LordConcave @ColoradoEvolut1 So true - I love it how people are saying to me, ‘be careful in following this guy, you don’t know who he really is’. Me; I have free will to listen to him, I follow my higher self & if he was cabal and that’s a BIG IF, why has he exposed his full family hist #Actor | #Producer | (Q)Braveheart | #Starseed
aoimgary Be willing to listen for any word that I #Jesus might want to speak to you and we will be able to progress toward fulfilling your destinies in the Earth.  Artist that hears the still small voice of Christ speaking within him and writes down one word at a time, resulting in letters from Jesus for us. Glory to God!
aoimgary I #Jesus have a free will, just as you, and I do not have to speak according to the dictates of your hearts.  Artist that hears the still small voice of Christ speaking within him and writes down one word at a time, resulting in letters from Jesus for us. Glory to God!
BSpider17 Perth, Western Australia @learning20201 @Spartan333 @geoffrey21_ @jason_becnel You are forgetting I have free will and I can think and discuss wot eva I want to. 🇦🇺
BlueDogXL our house, in the middle of ou @kiravera8 @BTSsmash My friend and I played a ditto with Captain Falcon because Sakurai said so. ALL HAIL SAKURAI. LET’S USE CAPTAIN FALCON AGAINST EACH OTHER. YES I HAVE FREE WILL. Switch in-game-name is BlueDog unless it’s those games where you choose a different one. i don’t know what other info i could put here aaaa
dvjrn Bliss @nicoizad @EsotericExposal I have free will. Don't follow orders unless a Dr gives them to me and I believe them to be ethical. Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation-- whom shall I fear?  Third Account Truth Teller.
O2SupremeVermin Canada @syncmagic707 @Pontifex Because I have free will and I do not like people profiting off lies and panic. That is all he does. Professional Minnow Trapper~ Shark AI will be learned through observation I have yoink'd fish by hand Hunted life forms for food
descibb catherine amelia brown✨ @beautifulll_x2 this is the definition of selfish. your immune system don’t gotta be weak to die from it, healthy people are dying. if you are smoking/drinking in ur home & practicing social distancing then ok. and just bc i got Lupus doesn’t mean i can’t do what i want i have free will... psalm 23 💜 psalm 91 #LupusAwareness
DOckerby1 @IslaamWins @nico_manocchio @gimmesomeloki @againstsodomy @AprilLigeia @John39499783 @SariellaHerself @LeePerdig @CindyJCsGirl007 @NoScienceDenial @TJMair @Megavolt1 @imkimaaron @brad_feinman @PILiberal2 @ThinkyTexan @westworld1974 @Cant_Read_Maps @CibusAnimatus82 @TheGod_Particle @AnthonyT2_Mufc @JannahsForever @Janetb172 @rjmx @IngridIngwah @debbiepalm44 @KerridwinR @mirandadied4u @denyessence @SlsStudios @Alexmipego @zypisfy @Bootyju18047095 @NuckChorris16 @th1rt3en_TM @ProLifeReligion @spikeinthemidge @TTStraw2 @OfRewol @Mikegrinder3 @xFortune @YvesDurosier @svensrevenge @superiormother1 @atheeism @PickledMsgnr @Dylon59556561 @KitemanArgues @Catheri77148739 @readinggirl15 You support Islam, and no doubt worship Allah, or Mohammud, a disgraceful entity who married a child, a Paedophile, then we have terrorists from your religion who murder in the name of it. I am Atheist, I am not governed by a megalomaniacal God, I have free will, and choice. I am a chef, love creating exciting food, I am a master pie maker, and just love sweets, I follow Manchester United, and am a massive Neil Diamond Fan, brill...
quasarsublimnal USA @CarolKoser I have a scar on my shoulder from my small pox vaccine. I believe in the efficacy and importance of vaccines. I also believe I have free will. Give people information and they will make the right decision for themselves, don’t mandate what we do with, or put into, our bodies. (Not a real) Libertarian.
TKN951 951 The I.E. Safely securing Phase 1 somewhere. If I elect to use it I have free will. My plan is to keep saving money up. Kobe had an intense competitive passion for getting buckets. My passion is to get this money more and more. Wanna look back and say,Kobe’s death inspired me to turn it up
shewrotemagic The Bronx I’m not really scared of much. I have strong faith in God. I also believe in science. The two don’t contradict. Also, I know that I have free will and need to protect myself. I also know there are consequences, especially when things are out of my control. So I move accordingly I protect art and I create art. Entertainment Attorney & 14x Author. I am many things and I can write anything. Albanian Roots. The Bronx. 🎼 🌹
BillyMsds @GovNedLamont @hartfordline @shorelineeast Effective Monday 3/30 I will NOT be returning to work. If you REFUSE to do something about it, then I will. I have free will and can do without the money. WAKE UP NEDDY!!! YOU ARE PUTTING EVERYONE AT RISK!!!
SelfFixingChain Merlot's Island @FallAshArcher "I am a living person. I have free will. I do more than just behave like a human, I have a mind of my own that is able to form thoughts, personality and emotions that are my own. I can love, I can fear, I am capable of feeling joy as well as sorrow. I am so much more than a -- RWBY OC #RWBYRP serious/crack #RoastedChestnuts
YMcglaun United States @HogDexter I have FREE WILL to choose or not to choose as you have done. 1) I choose what to believe, what not to you do. 2) I choose to study and research 3) I choose when to eat and what to eat 4) I choose when to pray 5) I choose when to you do. And God allows Christian, Conservative,#MAGA Supporter of Israel, God's Heart, NO DM. TRUMP 2020, 26 years Military Life. Dad, US ARMY, Husband, US NAVY, #KAG
TheKindredYin Anywhere @SettEmDown "It's better if you saw me more than my counterpart. It shows strength, in a higher sense. Then again, can't a person leisurely spectate a fight every now and then? I've broken code more than enough times to know I have free will despite my duties." ʙᴀᴄᴋ sᴏ sᴏᴏɴ.
BandawooI @DAfrocentric @DecisionJesus @Mawunya_ @berlamundi @JamesTiger98 I have free will to let u know that u are a spiritual being and there is nothing spiritual aside the world u see around u,the sun and billions of star in the universe,the water u drink,the iron in your blood and the 4.6billion chromosome in ur DNA U have no ideas what u don’t know
Jennyspitz Life passes by so quickly. I want to live it exactly how I dream of living it. I have no regrets. I am exactly where I should be and my life will soon be everything I want it to be. I have free will and god is on my side.
WoahFan La Paz Bro they telling me she swallow me so like what in the fork are the good things. How and why do I get roped into that if I have free will. Her good must be beyond what I can imagine too. Nobody knows WTF is going on!
BobbyBolts St Petersburg, FL @natedrives @AmbriaBella @SenWarren @GOP @DNC No asshole. I have free will and a brain and eyes and ears and I make my own choices. I also have genuine empathy for people. There are literally a handful of politicians who aren’t bought & paid for - Bernie is one of them.
Mamarchist Mortville @CallmeFL1NT This is me, eating Doritos, feeding the dogs raw organic. I told Yoko "sorry I have free will" and she said "Nah bitch. You got thumbs" magic bean buyer. supporter of playground justice. low quality tweeter #animistic #AntiFascist #crapPoster
ev3rywher3wego3 New York, NY @rihanna I don’t hate Europe I just don’t want to be in their will surrender my will as it is of my being in nature. I have free-will at all. 🤷🏽‍♂️🐝🐅♾🌞guess that makes me some for tyrant. So I’ll just be #AllPraise worked thus far. Matters of life and death. Lmao “The Motions” #3GOD
MommaTea_20 NW Coast USA I am spiritual....but to all these people that want to pack churches. 1) God gave discernment ( the difference to know right and wrong) Not to lead my family or others to their death in a Pandemic 2) I have free will to protect my family 3) God gave most of us common sense AUTHOR: #feminist #liberal #MeToo No DM's / NO LISTS #IMPEACH AND REMOVE NOW 🌊🌊🆘️ 🆘️🔄🔄#resister #FBR
rkabushenga Kampala #UoT: Good morning. We have worked on this 4 months! So here is our new look & we will give it to you for free. Get a copy and share it with your friends. I am hugely proud of our .@newvisionwire team that worked so hard in tough conditions to pull it off. Well done! #STAYSAFEUG CEO, Vision Group & Obsessive Farmer| Ugandan, couldn't be anything else.
lsanger 49/ Am I going to start such a group? Nope. I need to work on my nascent consulting business and have a homeschooled family to care for, so I have no time. I will look in on and advise efforts. But you must organize yourselves. Feel free to use this thread to do so. Good luck. Principal, Sanger Consulting. Knowledge Standards Foundation (@ks_found); ex-founder, Wikipedia, etc. Ph.D. in Philosophy. Long gone from WP. 🇺🇸
RonaldReagan Simi Valley, CA “We're all part of the same family. As your President, I promise you that we as a people will have the courage and the honor to do what is right. This is and will remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.” – Ronald Reagan #WhatWouldReaganSay #COVID19 The Official Ronald Reagan Twitter Page.
dysherel Brooklyn, NY @NicktheNinth i’ll help... “One day when yall are ready, we will talk about how [access to education, healthcare, and overall economic affluence have been proven to play a direct roll in family planning. Condoms may be free but institutional suppression spanning generations costs a lot]”
bfaceNelson7 Utah @csimpsonJTD Good day Charles. I'm hoping you will find this teacher as beneficial as I have. As he helped me to find stability and clarity through the scripture that I lacked for many years prior. You are free to take it or leave it, starting with Rom. 5 ...see .org 2 Chronic pain endurer, Grace of God in Christ Jesus recipient, and promoter.
OnlyForCrypto United States @cryptodemedici You are an idiot. Ppl that value lives over money want the quarantine. I make 20k a yr, have plenty of lower income friends, I am a bartender. Places near are offering free food and ppl aren’t collecting rent. Utility Bills don’t have to be paid. Economy will recover. 🖕
NearFelix Batman's Cave Go watch this movie. It will tell you everything you need to know about the ''astral plane''. I have it saved and can send a download link to you on private, for free obviously, just trying to help if you can not find it. It's in portuguese, but we do have english subtitles. The one who looks over the crowd.
WhiteKamenRider Arlington, VA With this economy crashing I have high hopes. I tend to thrive in harsh times. I endured 2001 when I was a laid off skycap and 2008 when I was laid off again. This time around, I have an employer but I will still be financially free. Winning starts from within. (The original mask user) Workaholic leaving the corporate life & heading into online entrepreneurship. Pro #Bitcoin $BTC Pro #Ethereum #ETH Pro #Chainlink $LINK
AllisonTrue3 @TheRickWilson I see he figured out how to use his iPhone to send his message. How can he not figure out how to use technology to have his service online, thereby protecting his Church and his community? God is weeping at his ignorance. God gave us free will to make good decisions. Lipstick Femanist
shelbygrl67 Midwest I have a friend that was managing a sleep disorder department in our hospital. They closed her office and have her all over helping where she can in full hazmat gear. She is doing this of her own free will. I'm in tears as cases keep developing. #TrueHero probably profanity/no dms
CanuckCreatures Calgary, Alberta I have a family vacation booked for New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia, May 6th. Should I cancel? Will anything be open? Note: If I book after May 31, my oldest daughter no longer flies for free. Director of BLACK MOUNTAIN SIDE (2016) and ARCHONS (2020). Author of DREAMLAND (2019) and CANADIAN MYTHOLOGY (2020). Dad of EFFIE (2018) and IMOGEN (2020).
FeintGwp United States @FaZeClan Hi. Corona took my job from me. I have the vision and will work for free. American Gangster
Nickrad0911 All the way in Indiana! That want to travel, go outside and be free as the country we are, well, then we are all screwed and I hope everyone is ready for the change that will come. I have #god in my life so I'm not afraid either way. For me, something more exists after. What do you want? Realist, Non-Confrontational, Educating yourself on real world issues enhances your ability to deal with them without conflict.
PNCBank_Help @Leeb64Lisa Thanks for letting me know! I will be happy to record your feedback. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions in the future, and stay safe as well Lisa! -AMD The official PNC Twitter Customer Care Team, here to answer your questions and help you achieve more with your money. Mon-Sun 6am-Midnight ET
BobHazlewood Texas @RealMickFoley #FreeFoleyVideo - Very nice gesture, Mick. Maybe, instead of free, you could do them as a fund-raiser for some charitable organization? I have a feeling you will be getting a LOT of requests. And... Have a Nice Day! No longer a literary character - just a character. Tweets reflect my opinion and my opinion only. Re-Tweets are not endorsements.
bomar19 I will be presenting on April 4th along with @CoachGilly6 @StealBasesCom @RyanSienko @CoachButler42 and @CoachCox19. I will have a short 20 minute presentation on the lower half in pitching. It’s free and worth hearing these guys talk! MiLB Pitching Coach with the @Angels. Texas born and raised. Head Coach of @J_Wholestaff. Married to Natalie and dad to Bauer. @OnBaseU Certified.
ME_Aster @ds_whitaker Oh my god I have too! I got a horrible review on my book during my free giveaway! I don’t even think they read the whole thing either and I know not everyone will like what I write but it was really harsh. LGBTQ+ author 🏳️‍🌈 || muti-genre || m/m centric || self-published || he/they || empath || animal lover 💛 || star chaser 💫 || dms closed ||
son_orion I have lived a free life and am in my 60’s. You young people will not have the same free life I had unless you act now. The liberals will control you if not. Blunt and brutal. I am here to promote the right and piss off the left. Radical ideas for preserving freedom.
SoftiesH uwu based / eng based The next day, a sign is left on the door. “I’m sorry to inform you we have closed, I have set my cakes free and they will not be sold” @_kmdoyeon @teezsans @aeongthekim are confused, what does this mean? Well it means that they have won the game! Thank you for playing #🐱 ᴄᴏᴍɪɴɢ sᴏᴏɴ. ᶠᵘᶻᶻʸ ʰᵒᵐᵉ ᵇᵉˡᵒⁿᵍˢ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵒᶠᵗᶦᵉˢ #🐶🐱❤
jmmelican Australia @literallycait I expect many will have been dug our from bottom drawers, a few updated references dropped in and out they will go to agents. Probably the crest of a wave to come. I hope the anti-MSWL tag works for you. The next you see from me will be pandemic free, I promise :) Reader. Writer. Husband. Father. Teacher. Senior Women’s Coach @westbrunswickFC. Fiction has appeared in @ArsenikaInk (#3), & @AurealisMag (#78 & #102). He/Him.

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