Free Wills for everyone.

I have free will.

What are people tweeting about I have free will.

andrewjperino California, USA I have value, I have purpose, I have faith, I have free will to decide my happiness and will turn the other cheek. CV Boy, YouTube Person & Stress Baker 🐍😜 “Don’t question if you are a bad decision, own the fact that you may be the right one.”
AnastasiaThor9 Georgia, USA and yes i am tweeting at 2 am i have free will and this is what i do with it apparently MGA AMT | John 16:33
TheHomoHipster my irrelevant ass @MrXBob @ForzaMotorsport @kblock43 Saw something I didn't appreciate and voiced my opinion. Yes Im bitter but this is the internet where I have free will to do so. they gonna do what they want but if enough ppl make it known were unhappy with the status of the series then just maybe the game can return it's glory. Currently taking pretty boy applications IG:ymani.jpeg snap: ymanirunsthis
traptasbot he/him @dtapologist WELL I WANT TO but my only point is I have free will and u shouldn't be restricting me from ripping my skin out I cry and draw a lot
Delectro1 Earth @jcamachott @MakiN47550299 @jennie_comeaux @MysteriousWay15 @notohioananymor MissE, I don't care what you think. It isn't up to me. I have free will just like anyone. I want to live in Heaven with Jesus Christ and those who accept his gift of eternal life. There is where I will exist in full. I believe your are just as awesome as I am so it's up to you. I am Delectro. A child of the one true living GOD.
PaulMBales Norfolk, England As I have free will I have decided to let go of this twin flame connection, I have not been happy in it, I was forced to be in it and it made me have one of the worst years of my life. I just want to forget about it and move on to something and someone new. Prince Michael, also known as Mickey Mouse, Apollo and Lord Kalki. One can't explain the Wonderful, one can only embrace it.
marx_knopfler r u a cop @SpinozaurusRex @existentialcoms i know, what im asking is why are they so sure that i act as if i have free will. i dont think i have free will, and i dont think i act as if i do *extremely hog cranking noises* i'm a genius
mouselol68 Montreal @zypisfy @Jesus_is_G_d @pdferguson @tklforgiven @FutureSnark @AustinStevensMI @JohnArt04657735 @deedeeknows1 @zapher134 @Martin_Riggs22 @Atheist_Dragon @Wolfpak561 @yourmomspants1 @1CubbieKat1 @RodneyRecloose @barry25247206 @lindaz333 @mikenedie @Rael0714 @tcunderdahl @Cern_lXXl @davidjdennison1 @deaerti @pogbawastaken @MakiN47550299 @Grego81920578 @debbiepalm44 @Oswald1160 @afperezb9 @JustSayingWhat1 @lyonsnyc @Dylon59556561 @rmbctious @AKerren73 @EDM17503975 @levi_bullen @mpc1980 @horusrage @mo_ferdman @garym9999 @TheOtherRosie @CindyJC007 @tristyjones @LindaEver4 @LindaRa40636624 @JoeMDodd85 @misty4630 @ChinuaChris @hage_ray @BinReligion Then he can get off my bicycle or get out of my car and get out of my house. I have free will and that lunatic is not welcome or sane enough to be in control of anything. It’s like a drunk driver thinking they’re ok to drive. Ur body is capable of great things. it’s Ur mind u have to convince. Atheist & very blunt/direct. If u want things sugarcoated, go buy cereal!
_adorabEL_17 depressing and disappointing @AmysPersona I HAVE FREE WILL. I WILL SAY WHAT I WANT AND WELL... touch my neck, and I'll touch yours @worthydebnam_
stripymouse @davigilant You are free to not go...i enjoy it so i make my choice as i have free will last time i checked. I know mclaren circus and they look after their animals so leave them alone. animal lover
Jerbivore Boulder, CO @tweets_from_Kev @Lead1225 If your definition of "declaration" requires that an entity making it has to have free will then you're just defining a solution to your stance into existence, especially since you're already assuming that entities like you and I have free will and are making declarations. Chemical Engineering PhD candidate. crappost on academia, left politics, very important uninformed opinions. Recovering STEMlord. He/him/his
peter_sheward @John_Allman So you used to fancy men? But chose not to? Is that what you are saying? ... I have free will, I tried to be what society dictated but truth is there wasn’t a choice, I always was and always will be interested in the same sex. And now i’m married only one man. Actor, Teacher, Father and Friend. You are the script writer of your dreams, pick up a pen and begin to write...
sourcerer_aj the whirlpool galaxy so... even though I think the trope of "I would always find you/always choose you again and again in any life" is SUPER romantic and wonderful, I think in this case, the element of "I choose you in THIS life because I have free will" wins skyentist, space ace, rao golem wrangler, lots of questions, she/her
JimsStache @Lead1225 @ModernDayDebate Any parameters. Any and all. According to the dictionary, the adjective free means, "not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes." If I have "free" will, and wish to fly and read minds, I should be able to.
babyfairy777 ASTRALS The victim mentality wasn’t getting me far with god or myself, I understand I have a genuine heart and attracting unhealed or toxic people has always been something that comes naturally to me, but facing myself & realizing the fact that I have free will to pick and choose who i- gemini sun · aries moon · leo rising learning, healing, growing
driftwoodms14 Pennsylvania @mousers @tjmadaras @jackilee2000 @ScottPresler @realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept No I have free will and come to my own conclusions and as a psychologist I cannot promote the Trump circus. Nothing personal we have different opinions. How about a liberal like JFK or FDR? I'm a humble man who loves helping others and writing music
driftwoodms14 Pennsylvania @tjmadaras @jackilee2000 @ScottPresler @realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept No I have free will and think for myself I'm a humble man who loves helping others and writing music
reggiexeubanks 𝔱𝔰𝔠𝔳♡𝒙𝒃♥𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚢ꨄ since it’s @JeffreeStar’s birthday i have free will to talk about how big of an inspiration he is to me. a few years ago i was never interested in makeup, jeffree change that. he’s shown me i can be and do whatever i want as long as i work for it. he’s shown me that i need to- “Jazmyne what’s poppin brother?” -Reggie👻
wyldk2 Tennessee, USA @straTWEETgo @DearGoodPeople @NRA I dont have to prove it. But I can tell you, I have free will to not commit suicide and the free will to believe you people are nuts. standing up for what is right. the constitution is law but immigration reform is needed. I'm for gun rights, but I'm not a NRA member.
mystletainns icon: pixiv 20603541 @mik4shu no i have free will ok i just enjoy serving such a pretty and strong god i dont mind it at all the magic of clockwork was cast on my broken soul | he/him, oddballsP, leoP, maoP, 🧡@blobbiemika💙
TheGamwich 🏴‍☠️ @EsotericRacism I'm struggling with the idea of free will. Can you please explain to the goyim why I have free will and they dont? Thanks. We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.
JesseAl88390831 Ogden utah @TheGood43367609 @trickyname1 @KommisarTanks @SexyTroopLover @Kaepernick7 You stated it as a fact that everyone does this. It’s not true, you and people like you have told us that we need to. I and others don’t agree. You calling me a prick is your problem not mine. I have free will, that is what my forefathers fought for. Not so you can make demands Leftist, Humanist, outdoor enthusiast, #IStandWithIlhan #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs “Power concedes nothing without a demand” Fredrick Douglas
EcRanchero USA!!!! @graf_werwolf In USA, land of Jussie Smollet, Kim Foxx and the hundreds of evil liars and demons we have in our corrupt government, I don't believe any of these lies of Nazi bands. I have free will from God, and I can listen to anything I wish. Don't believe this boy who cried wolf! #EpsteinCoverup #EpstienCoverup #KAG2020
claraaamy she/they / 18 / australia i can do it. i have free will. i CAN see a road work ahead sign and just walk past. i do NOT need to say it. i do NOT need to say it... the definition of a useless lesbian {fan account}
justin_fain Arkansas, USA @CoralineElise @Gepedrglass @charliekirk11 Well you go be Jesus man and say it's okay to marry guys and cut off your dick. Degerneracy is close to godliness am I right? Jesus probably would have put Israel before America too, since they're God's people. I'm not Jesus. I have free will. I put America First. #2A, recreational marijuana, and free speech supporter. ❤️ my family. Guitar & bass player. I have opinions. #MAGA2020 #KAG #AlexJones
johnhawkinsrwn North Myrtle Beach, SC I'm not a Nick Fuentes fan in any way, shape or form, but I will always be a @Michellemalkin fan because few people on the Right have been willing to stand as tall as she has on issues that matter like immigration and free speech. Brass Pills | 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know | Right Wing News Founder | King of Conservative Lists | Raised 600k in a GoFundMe for Brett Kavanaugh
AnDa Toronto / Los Angeles 100 Thieves have allowed me to explore options, as I will become a free agent on 11/19/2019. Grateful to all the players and staff that I got to work with. Worlds 2017, 2018 experience LCSA Summer Split 2019 Champion For any inquiries please contact: or DM Professional League of Legends Jungler for @100Thieves |
Craig_Foster As you should be Helen. I’m sure you have the thanks of many Australians @jacindaardern and all attention should be focused on granting freedom to those remaining in Port Moresby and Nauru. Today is wonderful news, even better will be when all are free 👏 Former international footballer. Broadcaster. Social justice. Sport and human rights. Refugee rights.
FiferChaz Ohio, USA @rproctor363 @JamesTayag @charliekirk11 If I'm delusional show me where I'm wrong. And FYI... You will not be able to show me where I'm wrong because I'm absolutely right. You have anything to prove me wrong? I love learning, feel free to share! The atomic weight of cobalt is 58.933195 u
RealAsianRobot Australia @MrWillDeal @WatchMixer Welcome to Mixer! Just to let you know we currently offer free networking/promotion to all Mixer Streamers of any size. All you have to do is come to my stream and I will shout you out to everyone watching! Let's grow together 😝💪 Currently streaming exclusively on #Mixer. My channel - Owner of #RoboNation. We #SupportAllStreamers.
youthjaem nct, wayv, txt & day6 - THIS IS MY FIRST AU OMG!!! - pls quote and don't actually break the thread - it'd be nice if you see any typos + feel free to dm me if there's anything i have to change - updates will be made whenever i am available nomin enthuasist • i write too
PKS_Media Manchester @KentishJane LOL very good. We will no longer have to work under Labour life really will be like living as a Unicorn! I have already applied for a free cat and food delivered each week and that's no problem for them. Sign and display manufacture, patriot, love Europe not EU, True blue MCFC. Equality, peace and prosperity to all.
jeonkkuljam i hope everyone have a good days and nights, im sorry that i will be inactive😥 thank you for always come to my acc and make me happy, i promise i will come in my free time💜🤙🏻 thank you for always give me so much loveee💖💖💖 Only for @BTS_twt | Translation acc. See my pinned tweet for KOR → ENG translation. Pls credit me if u use my translation💜
sree_free @APalagummi Lol how much you pay, i pay tax more than you and he will double that tax once he gets Phd. It is his PhD and his right, u have no business. Until u r the direct sponsor of that person. So jaa Free and Orginal thinker. Individual freedom is above religion or patriotism.
Phoenix42505497 St. Louis, Missouri @willsworldview @adored_2 @Karlarei2003 @NotLordByron @Wolfpak561 @Thohi @RobertBrownie @FredMacManus @lightofthecross @LisaWinslow @AislygnEliyan @Squawkatoo2 @CindyJC007 @antallan @PrinceOfAtheism @SBuddie1877 @oohglobbits5 @Jayy83x @JohnKrahn2 @chosenbygod17 @Cleisthenes5 @TimSteppingOut @JohnJotink @yourmomspants1 @1CubbieKat1 @remnantofisr53 @ToddW29538160 @geraldpayne25 @LindaEver4 @Ghazzalistic @chercher_ai @SaqibMeerOnline @Avic_Wins @CH88keys @davestewart4444 @wilfredah77 @JoeMDodd85 @magnetronmagne1 @kyl_el_hussein @custardsmaster @taygee @MysteriousWay15 @PeteAlonSoCrazy @MrStardust1969 @HeathenOpinions @Fr1nk3 @Showtime127001 @JohnJon43924480 @BluePrint_371 @Andrea39671666 Now if you want to agree with this article that nobody even has the option of and of itself is also a choice showing you have free will. You can choose to agree with this article or choose to disagree with it. I choose to disagree with it. So as we all Wife 💍 Mom of 5 🧒 Born again Believer in .ישוע 🐟 MAGA. YEC. Grafted Gentile ✡️, I give the gospel. 👑 I support 🇮🇱 defend the ✝ Republican 🐘 Pro-Life 🤰
OrangeAssBuster United States @MarciaDaughtre1 @eaglewarrior427 This is disgraceful, I used to immunize Fed Inmates and we paid for the vaccines. What logic would they have not to allow free vaccines. They really are stupid because an outbreak will affect staff too Disabled Veteran #Resistor #Bluewave Crazy Cat Guy, Retired Pharmacist, Animal lover. Former NYer, hated him for many years. In TX now, Turn TX BLUE ❤️NY YANKS
JuliaMascetti United Kingdom Announcement! I will be now posting actively on my #OnlyFansPage I’ll be sharing the @OnlyFans creator interviews that I’m most proud of and also my own music content. Free to subscribe. Oh although I’m sex positive af my page won’t have nudes soz 😉 Harpist and songwriter based in Essex/East London. Content at @OnlyFans. Ex-Tokyo freelancer. Still writes a bit.
traversymedia Massachusetts My Top 5 Free Text Editors For Web Development In this video, I will share my top 5 text editors. I have used all of these editors for a period of time and will share my thoughts and experiences with them. Traversy Media offers web development/programming/technology tutorials and courses
balxjnr Lagos, Nigeria I am inviting you all to a party today by 4pm. Free food and drinks will be available. Venue: FourPoint by Sheraton, VI. Entrance ticket: Primary 1 report card. Be there and let’s have fun coz it’s #InternationalMensDay I clothe, Style and Manage People’s Wardrobe for a living. BIZ; @Lagos_luxuryW #Entrepreneur #Wizkidfc #FutureMavinStylist #SavageSoldier #Davidolova #FCBarca
taegisight stray kids 9 if I got ls on january and I have free time I will decorate mine the ls is so plain and red and white is not my color ;-; We Rose You in KL - D-17
Alshamsi138 sub to my YouTube and show proof and you will get a free mint axe code /YouTube channel link in bio be quick I have 17 codes left!!!!!#Mintyaxecode #mintypicaxe #MintyPickaxeGiveaway #mintyaxe #fortnite #mintycode #mintycodes #mintypickaxecodes LOVE IS NOT A COMPETITION, ITS A FEELING😉
BoogalooRocks @AustinStevensMI @GovMikeHuckabee @roddreher @amconmag @ChickfilA ???? Hate?? When has chick fil a been sued for sexual orientation? Never. I will say this though, the free market dictated this, so I have absolutely no problem with it. I think it’s petty and misguided, but so be it. @ChickfilA has the best sandwiches Gov't is irredeemably broken, corrupt, morally & fiscally bankrupt. Taxation is Theft. Natural Rights=Natural Rights #2A #4A #5A #Boogaloo formerly @freeminds66
RobertKingGroup The Ocean @243Andrew @tommy54w @MADMAC969 @LeaveEUOfficial @TiceRichard We need to transition away from the EU. By 2060, they will be 8% of the global economy. I'd rather have free trade deals with India and China, thanks. Also, free trade was not invented by the EU, for the EU, that is ridiculous what you have said. A coder trainee, with 8 IGCSEs, currently studying AS and A Levels. Fascinated by establishing a free world through seasteading, SEZs, virtual nations etc.
dannagal Newark, DE @emayfarris @khadastrophic So I have friends and family that we’re moved by what the Tea Party sold: low taxes, small gov, anti-Obama, decrease deficit, stop gov overreach. And their votes are up for grabs right now. I tend to believe that human beings are mostly good. I also believe they have free will... Assoc Professor Comm & Poli Sci @UDelaware. @AnnenbergPenn PhD. Improviser @CSzPhilly. Author: Irony & Outrage (OUP 12/19) preorder:
carlosbehrens Madrid, España Hello! I will announce the winner of the giveaway today. If you followed me for the giveaway and you don't win you are free to unfollow me, but I would really love to keep you in my little art community so you can see all the other stuff I have planned. Thank you and good luck!! 3D artist / Commisions open🌵 - lvl 32
jwsanders2011 Lillesand, Norge @craigjackson112 @JohnRealSmith @jeremycorbyn 100% agree. I left school with no qualifications, worked hard to raise a deposit and bought a house. Still in the middle income bracket. I have some savings. Corbyn will hammer people like us. Only people who stand to gain from Corbyn are those who want free handouts. Proud Welshman, living and thriving in Norway.
GodlyG33k United States Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” ~ Hebrews 13:5 ✝️ Jeremiah 29:11 Psalms 51 Reformed Christian I Live For Christ, Sinner Saved by God's Grace, Don't Follow me Follow Jesus
janeeva89200820 @keepnhspublic I have set up a FB group "our NHS and the American connection" to show what will happen to our NHS if the conservatives get their way.please feel free to join,we are all fighting to protect it fighting for our NHS and exposing the truth about the american trade deal and what it will mean
DeeZyah Dominica 'Peace I leave with you My peace I give to you The world cannot give The world does not know my love Love, love is all my friends Love will make you free Go the road that I have trod And you will walk with me.'
Mohamdalnafisah المملكة العربية السعودية @rustyrockets I have the answer! I will give a free hint, 2 patterns: optimism & believably' data driven conviction. Since people tend to hit and run nowadays. استغفر الله العظيم / اللهم انت ربي لا اله الا انت خلقتني وانا عبدك وانا على عهدك ووعدك ماستطعت وابوء لك بنعمتك علي واعترف بذنوبي فاغفر لي

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