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theAyejay_ everywhere @ileeksc @BotBaruch I'd like to believe I have Free Will in thought in replying this back to you, but then again, was it my thought? Did I really have free will in getting to this thought. Don't think so and THAT is the mind blowing part of all this let's just say terrible at adulting
Whatsup42342375 @avasamboraxxoo Am responsible for actions words and choices. I have free will. I may have been placed in an altered yet false reality which made me more prone to embarrassing things or harsh words I still should never have acted as I did My hobbies are dwindling
HG_is_da_Devil Arkansas, USA @reasonable_EL @ArkansasCovid @ArkansasOnline @archildrens @ArHeartHospital @ArkansasHospice Sorry, they don't. The constitution tells me what to do. That's why there are processes and laws. I have free will and get to make my own decisions under the law. Free Thinker. MSM is a pandemic! KAG 2020 'I want something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live' QoTSA
MelosOf @innisfailmaxi @Lead1225 Nope, I do not consent to believing in a god and I do not consent to being tormented for eternity. If I have free will, as you say, then I do not consent to slavery. Hopefully I can help some people that need it. Just message for any help.
peeglobs in my room probably @tissuep67547459 yea sometimes i hold in my bodily waste and feel the pain to verify that i exist and that i have free will pls don’t take this seriously
michelingubben1 @AtheismNTheCity @WriterJohnBuck @RealAtheology @Youthresist If I have free will and a reason to do action A then that is the sufficient reason of me doing A. Here I have an adequate cause and free will. So, PSR and LFW is compatible. Right now you seem to be objecting that LFW is itself not coherent, but that is different from whether ✝️🇸🇪
hollybRN07 @ElizaSt44608417 He said “ you cant leave me over a vote”. I said you have free will to vote for him and I have free will to leave you if he wins because of it Hospice RN,Paralegal Can’t abide Liars, Conmen and Charlatans
michelingubben1 @AtheismNTheCity @WriterJohnBuck @RealAtheology @Youthresist He also said this: “If I have free will and a reason to perform action A, then this is an adequate cause for my doing A, even if it is compatible with my doing something else instead. For similar reasons, the PSR is consistent with indeterministic versions of quantum mechanics.” ✝️🇸🇪
ChillGreyGoose Best Knifer in CS GO @tarkina3 @michaelbeatty3 @KamalaHarris They aren't necessary. I say fork masks because I have free will. I have the freedom and choice not to wear one and if I want to be next to a loved one of mine I'm not going to social distance from them because I'm afraid of giving them a flu. Also I don't go around hocking Follow me on Twitch! @ChilledGreyGoose
MarieLR89404375 @LeorechHayam @PigbirdJetFan @HillaryClinton @timkaine I have a few decades on you. I know what socialism is. I cone on hear because I have free will and freedom of speech. Something you don't understand is that opposing views don't hurt you. I am not obsessed. I follow her to correct her misinformation. Don't like it? Scroll on Family, God, Constitutional Conservative, artist, Gramma, almost Great Gramma
bigladypimpinHL Southside Chicago @zaddyzube @TexMex_cryptid @sarahdeemarie What a lame attempt at excusing crapty behavior. I have free will to not appropriate people’s culture and that’s what I choose to do. Look at that picture of yourself and then look at the pictures I posted, and ask yourself why you think you look remotely like that 🤣 I don’t talk crap bitch I do it 🤑 she/her/g
KitFoxactual furrytown, USA @therattiewitxh @metasploink Im Native American, it was already a thing before i was born, in a reparation to being put on a reservation. Of which i have free will to leave and have done so, and suffer through “insurance” as well. The free healthcare isnt exactly good. 🇺🇸 Freedom is the sovereign right of every American, Communism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom. Communism is tyranny.
an_mishka @ConnieRollyson I agree. And in the past year or so I have felt this a lot. I will lose my job, my family, my life, if I ever come out. Technically I am free to live my life the way I want. The moment I will choose to, I will lose any form of stability in my life. Do I have free will? Am I free? Poet on a search for an alternate world... For my poetic ramblings follow me @poetic_anamoly on Instagram.
entmom420 Seattle, WA @LaneElliott96 @G828CHP @CatSoluna How can “God’s will” and “free will” coexist? If everything is predetermined, how can that possibly be considered free will? If God knows everything that I’m gonna do, I’m following a script. If I have free will, God can’t already know how it’s gonna go. Maker of Things. Gamer. Avid Reader. Stress Baker. Amateur Gardener. Always learning, always growing. Please don’t fork up my vibe. #BlackLivesMatter #BLM
butaneinthemem1 United Kingdom I mean, if I have free will I have the choice to live or die right? So if I want to risk my life by abusing #butane, does anyone else have any right to stop me? The things I've seen and experienced with it, it's just so much better for me than reality. She/Her, 29, 💧 Butane abuser, tweeting ⚡ Solvent Abuse ⚡ info and contributing my exp for future research. ⚠ All opinions my own. Avatar credit to @shuppie_
riverofnaught Missouri, USA Exactly! I have free will and a mind that I use to think independent thoughts. If I kneel, if I protest, it’s because I educated myself and believe deep in my soul on the cause. 🇸🇪Proud Swedish roots🙋🏻‍♀️She/her🌈Panromantic Demisexual⛓Sub🍐Thicc
emgracx Powdersville, SC I am a whole adult, yet I still get scared my dad’s going to wake up and get mad at me when I stay up this late. I have free will and yet here I sit, unmoving, completely silent. why? 18. she/her. mansionz fan acc.
MadeusBlack chile @rafrasenberg Presented a personal project to the town hall mayor who took the local town hall page and gives it a mobile view and a responsive design, she loved it and now i am on charge of the redesign of the page and updates, and i have free will to select the technologies of the page Father of a marvelous family 👪👼 Fullstack Developer 💻 F1 Passionate 🏁 #neverstoplearning📝 Earth Citizen 🌏🌍🌎
Reeeeegis if I take my own hand and I turn it against myself, does that mean I have free will? wibe.
brickklayer London my mum is iraqi and my dad is kuwaiti. i’m somali because i have free will لو كشف الغطاء ما ازددت يقينا |🌴
mi_sfrom Michigan, USA @RussellMilner7 @DishonestApe @cofffeedreams @Leo97894180 @SeanKagalis @KristanHawkins Your god's "wants" don't matter to me. I have free will and don't live my life for other people's beliefs. Pro-choice. Democrat. Proud never-trumper from day one!
FreeNTexas America @realDonaldTrump @MeetThePress @NBCNews IS SOOOO difficult to watch 🙄 Chuck couldn't be any more anti American. Honestly, I dont see how ppl watch this stuff. All doom and gloom. Ruined my morning. Thank God I have free will & have just turned it off. Oh, #FireFauci wants me 2 wear googles 😆 #Veteran lost @laurie6805 @FreeNTexas2 #AmericaFirst back up accts @FreeNTexas3 @FTexas1776 Constitutionalists #KAG #Veterans #Stop22aDay #pts the VA SUX
AlinejadMasih I agree with @firstLadyD4 : Beirut will be free only when Islamic Republic is gone. In this video I talk about how the regime in Tehran spends millions on proxies in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. The people of Iran and Lebanon have a common foe. #lebanonprotests #IranProtests Iranian journalist and activist. Founder of #WhiteWednesdays & #MyStealthyFreedom. My Email address:
ShefVaidya Pune, Maharashtra Oh, I WILL use wiki, and use the information against them. Isn’t that what leftists have been doing for YEARS? Get cheap education at the taxpayer’s expense and use it to badmouth India and Hindus? I am only learning from the best in the free loading business! Author, Satirist, Speaker. Fellow-Ananta Leadership Program, Convenor-Indic Academy. Love Travel, Temples And Textiles. Mum to triplets. Indian. Hindu. Woman
cindytrimm Stockbridge, GA Decree with me: I am free from fear and filled with faith. I am empowered to accomplish that which You have put me here to do. I will become all that I need to be in this season. Today I receive wisdom and new strategies for this new season I am in (Eccl. 3:1–2). Today I win! ✈️ World Renowned Speaker 📚 Best-Selling Author 📝 Life Strategist 👩🏽‍💼 Humanitarian ❤️ Love the Lord Jesus ⚡️ Mover, Shaker, & History Maker.
TrishaBalute ⚘ Goldenness :>@svtismyboo Good Evening~ Congratulations! You have claimed a slot for SKZ: Go Live Album! Thank you so much for availing and trusting! I hope this free album will make you happy :) LET's STAY FOREVER WITH SKZ! orders: Stray Kids Album Red Version 𝕃𝕌ℂ𝕀𝔻 𝔻ℝ𝔼𝔸𝕄 | 𝘽𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝘽𝙚𝙨𝙩 | Boredom is a bitch
pranjal_chaubey @EnasMathitis @SubhadipNandy @gautam_icma @elearnmarkets However, all the paid information is available for free on YouTube as well, but it will take a crazy amount of time and effort to learn that way. What I have given you is practically a 'shortcut'!
AlezzTrading Trade idea: Boilerman, follow the steam: follow the steam...then you will be.... Testing 0.68. If you like my chart analysis, please like, follow me and share it to your friend. :) If you have any stock to analysis, feel free to text me. I will try my… Trade ideas for #forex, #stocks, #crypto, , #commodities.
MrSmithRE London, England @ZoeParamour If you're worried I can look and see if Eurostar will change your ticket for free. I just need to know what type of ticket you have and if it's booked through from Brussels or where your journey started. Hope you get moving soon. Y6 teacher @CDPS_Southwark // RE specialist 🌳🌲🚲🏢🏫🚌🏢🌲🌳 interested in theology, history, knowledge-rich teaching and nature
juliecardalt Boston, MA Don’t miss your chance to win a free copy of @NancyJAuthor’s debut #TheKindestLie. I’m lucky to have read an early copy and I promise this is book folks will be talking about. Enter now! Author, WAITING FOR THE NIGHT SONG, Forge 2021 + THE LAST BEEKEEPER, '22. Trying to do better. Get your hands dirty; grow food! (Then wash those hands!) she/her
HafizL337 @heriakabane I love you but I don't know if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time and I will be there at any time its bio not chemist
kawaiicryptiid My threats have just gotten more and more visceral like "if u treat me like I may as well be cis I WILL rip out ur organs one by one and burn them in my own special brand of pink hellfire" what anime titty demon took up residence in my soul rent free?? ウサギのラピン ☆ U can call me Lapin or Casey! (or my birth name if u already kno it~) ☆ Magical Hero in Training ☆ Trying my best ☆ they/them ☆ 日本語もいい ☆ 苦しんでる
postBrechtian Dish with One Spoon Territory @michaelcwheeler That is a v big question that I have v good answer to. I will NOT be giving it away for free in this public forum. If any editor is curious, I'll tease that It involves patreon, democratic confederalism, pirate radio, ecstatic dance and drug users critiques of the 12 Step Program playwright, organizer w @foodstersunited @acmjis bike courier, BP2/ADHD🏴🏳️‍🌈 'like the Little Prince drawn by El Greco' I tweet a lot
AlimentaryBites UK @hormone_doc I don’t have another option, covering two jobs at the moment in same hours and I’m so behind on paperwork as been doing back to back clinics with no admin time, I will be doing that on my off days to try to catch up... 😫 Not what I had in mind for my child free time... In no particular order... Registered Dietitian, single mum, cyclist, silversmith. Trying to make eating with food allergies easier. Views are my own.
philippawarr ( I will be wearing mine until I have a few minutes free and a bowl of ice water...) Pop culture trash panda. Now doing narrative. Prev dep ed at PC Gamer, bylines for RPS - Wired - Aol - MTV - BBC - HuffPost - The Guardian - SUSD etc... she/her
Crimzonous 👉Would you like to have 50 Woodworking plans + a Full Woodworking Guide for absolutely 100% free, comment "yes" and I will send it to you😁 #woodworking #survival #DIY #HomeImprovement #crafts Crimz The Drimz
Psalm6612341 @GutknechtGreg1 @dragon_dyce @CNN I liked Obama he signed way more executive orders than trump did! I can’t wait till Joe Biden gets elected every thing will be free and we won’t have to work any more, no more police so we can get away with everything we want to do! I love AOC and her green new deal!
Seans_Davis Alief, Houston I wish I could live free, I hope it's not beyond me, Settling down, it takes time, One day we'll live together, And life will be better, I have it here, yeah, in my mind, Baby, know someday you'll slow. An uninspired creator.
Brainmage I'm naked and I'm everywhere Recently kind people have bought me a coffee, so I will be thanking them with knuckle tattoos in this thread. Feel free to mute if this sort of thing annoys you! If you want to be like these people and get some tattoos all of your own, you can do so here: Comedian/writer/voice over artist/wizard. Hire me! DMs are open. Spotlight: Tips:
AtaYesilcimen Hi guys I will make my self a new career which is gonna make me no money since it’s gonna be free So if anyone wants any anime wallpapers just ask me All you have to do is tell me the character’s name you want me to make And email me Here are 2 examples Hi. I make bad roblox games... 𝕀𝕞 𝓦𝓮𝓲
MonsterHunch I’ve got a free bet with Sky today. I’m sure lots of you have too if you use it like I do. I’ve done a Norway division 1 acca. Would you guys like to see? Fun bet, odds are around 12s! 🇳🇴 20 likes and I will post Sharing my Hunches with you all! Tend to focus on card markets but also dabble in goals and corners 🟨🟥
NUDWEAR United States Thinking of buying Daisies Reusable Nipple Covers? Read our latest review by Shay R. 😍Inspiring women to embrace their breasts and love thier bodies through education. Inclusive bra solutions for ALL. As See In🗞 NYMAG | THE CUT
Ebamaineisepic she/her i’m not sure how much good a petition will do for a government we don’t have any control over, however please take time to sign this anyway and educate yourself on what’s going on in china right now. the mainstream media can’t hide things forever I’m really funny
Crypto_Lexus @erlingjohnsenDK @vechainofficial @Martijncvv @Crypt0_kenny @MoonShotCaller Something is now right here. If he has 1 million VET in his address he would have generated a stength node for free in 10 days. If you want send me the address and I will look to so if 1 million VET came in and if it ever was taken back out. Transportation Engineer, Crypto trader, X Node "VeChain is positioned to take a leading role in the building of the evolving digital economy."
kha0tungs • ofn • tst • s⁸ • Hi, popping here to say that if you dont like me or the crap i tweet. Feel free to sb me, i have a few i wanna sb and i feel like we are on the same page, But i cant easily sb people or my phone will crash every 5 mins. Do yourself a favor and sb me, thanks #PODDKHAO: world domination || he/him || boni
Nam_Erewhon Australia @ThetaSalmon @Habs_1 @chipfranklin I’m Kiwi and Aussie dual citizen, living in Covid Free Cape York. Not going to endanger Aotearoa by crossing the Tasman Sea right now because I’d have to transit unsafe areas. Will wait till it’s safe. Australian. New Zealander too. Pro democracy. Tribal but not racist. Dispossessed by war. Proud of heritage. Living amongst crocodiles & snakes, horses & dogs.
OwOflor @VAMPIREWH0RE It’s the best game ever but it has to have more time and then it is kinda boring I can’t believe how much it was I would just say that it was made by my hand but it is so fun to get the free one and the only thing is it a great day for the game and it will never get to it for me gay | brazilian idk | priv: @melslikeamelody | layout by rain | ela/elu • she/they
rlr5132 I will say this, let's have a free and fair Election and we will see about that. Tell all your followers to bring a voter I D card to the poll booth and vote, let's just see what happens. You have played this so called voter suppression card for so long no one hears it.
pauliewalnutsuk London Just reminding people that I asked Simon several days ago whether the staff, passengers and, yes, even little children he forces into masks will have to be vaccinated in future and still haven't had a reply. If you would like to ask him yourselves feel free as it is quite a biggy Vegan Truther. Powered by Plants. KBF = Keeping Britain Fooled. Political party always their agenda - watch this space... Obvious shills are obvious.
Stagecoach_West Gloucestershire & Wiltshire @efswriting @efswriting Hi Emily - I have spoken to our Marketing Team and I can confirm that we only offer free travel on Armed Forces day in June. If anything changes, I will let you know. We're Proud to Serve with updates across Gloucestershire & Wiltshire Mon-Sun 7am-7pm. We’ll answer your travel queries 7am-5pm Mon-Fri.

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