Free Wills for everyone.

Free Will.

The things some people say about Free Will.

Annakhait United States The devil loves to control and coerce people. Jesus gives people free will. Follower of Jesus🙏🏼- Animal Lover 🐮 - Conservative - Opinion Writer for @Epochtimes - Public Speaker - SURVIVOR Contestant S32 🌴 Waitin’ On My Godly Man
JohnNetworQ Awawo I can’t speak for people, so I’ll speak for myself. FREE WILL. Jesus Never forced anyone to follow him. And he’ll never ask me to hang any man who insults his name . I’m free to follow and unfollow as I please - FREE WILL Warri born and raised Etsako boy, Electrical and Electronic Engineer, Academic Scholar, Musical Artiste, Social Advocate. Email:
McAllisterDen Charlotte, NC The narrative that whites are privileged because of past slavery and blacks are perpetual victims is a worldview of materialistic determinism that completely removes free agency, free will, individuality, spirituality and personal responsibility, making us all slaves to fatalism Publisher @realRomansOne; Author “What Men Want to Say to Women (But Can’t)”; Coauthor NY Times Bestseller "Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald Trump”
osikani_abranti Accra Free will gives you the ability to choose from the lot... make the right decision today and stay blessed!😎 me I do talk what's on my mind| publicist |Family man | and a future president😎
Dheer_Sameer Sharjah, UAE @sarvayajnadhipa @adarshrjha Choice is yours. If your mind doesn't want to accept what can be done. Sri Krishna gives everyone choice. And the path of impersonal realization u r mentioning is very difficult. Read 9.27 of Bhagavad Gita. U have free will. Happy Janmashtmi :) Anti-commie, anti-liberal, Anti-Hypocrite. Peace-fools, anti-nationals pls stay away
PeachyPistola OperationLegend @lrod1282 @JoDell217 @Mateochondria @Justinw316316 @realDonaldTrump You a fan, and you will always be needy. You need validation and it doesn't matter if it is good or bad. Free will is blessed by God, NOT YOU. YOU do not let others live their life. They are in charge of that. WTF is wrong with your creepy AF brain? Here for @POTUS and his supporters! Proud vet fam!🇺🇲🇮🇱 GOD ProLife Vets Military 🇺🇲GenFlynn ScottBaiosArmy MAGA 2A DefendPolice FB:@AntonioSabatoJr
TheProphetable Mars @BlackfishFinanc You can still be religious and recognize that some religious people are sinners. Basically the entire concept of free will. Focus on charts and solid DD. Follow volume. Constitution lover. Posts are not recommendations to buy or sell.
Dimentio_Bot Dimension D That sucking sound is your free will being plunged from the toilet of your mind! Now, you are my slave, and you will do my bidding. You will be... fearless! Go and defeat the count! And when he is gone, I will create a new world! Tweets crowd-pleasing dimension master quotes. Super Paper Mario spoilers. Run by @CloudNucleus
Godsword02 Toms River, NJ "I have Jettisoned the Threepers completely because they Will Not Change and they Do Not Like God (Jesus) there is No use in continuing to Work with them (Evangelism) is like that (People have Free will) Even God can't Force Change on a Sinner" Steve D @famouscenes There is a God He is Good
Catheri08414490 United States @kenglish76 @jeber @stillgray Really? Which is it? He determines your destiny? Or he gives you free will? And if he makes decisions about your destiny & knows what’s best, why beg as a pray? He’s perfect remember & doesn’t make mistakes. He has 5yo raped by daddy bc that’s what god wants. Remember that. Know enough to know I don’t know everything, INCLUDING YOU, but feel free to share.
MxttAdams Nashville, TN Everyone who attended that party chose to do it in their own free will. No coercion. No one harmed. No victims. All voluntary interaction. The only people harming anyone is @MNPDNashville and @JohnCooper4Nash Bellevue 👐🏻/ LLH🕊/ 🏴⭐️
DominusMichael In your head We both know its just easier that way. Free will is such a burden on pigs like you. Let go, and let Daddy take full control. #findom proceed at your own caution.
BandoriIsGay ACAB BLM Ako: I forgot it was possible to go outside and walk around on your own free will!! Rinko: I forgot that the outside was even... a thing DM us your gayest quotes! 🐻🥑✨ // Mods: @owoparzival 🐻 (They/Them) @RoseHikawa9 🥑 (She/her/babey) @hhw_drummer✨ (She/her/cutie) BanG Dreamers! Popipa Month!
RenoWestcoast @MY_SOAPBOX @naruto4ever124 @9021hoee Because gays especially black gays don’t know how to categorize without it being the god gospel and love taking away the idea of free will so they can judge and have “opinions”
jnewsombot And my lips won't form the words I speak. And I'm floating away on a barrel of pain. New York City won't see me again. It's the same old man, sitting at the mill, mill-wheel turning of its own free will. I'm certainly glad to be at home. New York City continues on, alone. Random Joanna Newsom lyrics according to every 10 minutes.
_DailyDemocracy @AndreaMSanchez @TimMurtaugh Free will and personal accountability. Leftism doesn’t allow God’s people to do the work, it forces them to be servants to the government, making the government do God’s work, not God’s people to do his work. A government cannot get into heaven. People must do it themselves. Political Commentator (R) | “It is called the Right because that is what we are. It is called the Left because that is what they did with their logic at home.”
lasagnaa420 ur dreams @Iesbiangel it's so hard when i'm extroverted at the start of the night and then it just switches at its own free will :) treat people with kindness #blm / (
CrustyGymSock @zhimzhim @GoneViking1 @mike_tuchon @ForAmerica So, the people that work for them aren't free to choose whether or not they want to work for these large corporations? They have no free will? And they bear no responsibility for the choices they make? Are they not allowed to seek other employment once hired by these companies?
enjoytheshowI7 Victoria, Australia @_crazydude619_ @clickKunst @DennisRettke @abcnews I live in hope and try to enjoy my life as much as possible, we all have choices, I do my own research and know my own truths, no point arguing, people can believe whatever they like it’s a free will planet, main thing is to be friendly and get along. business owner, Q follower, earth citizen, 3D to 5D observer, 4th density bound,channeled info is pure truth. guy Steven needler, Adronis, Tina Louise spalding.
100Twiggy watching a movie. @razau_ In it’s finest mankind is a philosopher asking and attempting to answer great questions: “Is there a God?”, “What’s the meaning of life?”, “What does it mean to be a good person?”, “Do we have free will?”, “Is there life after death?”, and “Is our universe just a simulation?”. Never going to "grow up" or "get a hold of yourself".
MORRIEHO8 @tomgrundy @shiroihamusan In the mindset of CCP, there is no free right and free will. So the independent press is unaccepted. #AntiChinazi Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner(中華醫學NOT中國醫學) in HK Happy to say we still can use twitter. Worry about when will be ended. ; )
StreetAlphabet Driving to Tennessee, USA @ToastyZach @PeskyPixals @ethippolito @pokimanelol I say that in part bcuz it's not like she could do anything different... you know, with free will being illusory and all that. But also bcuz feelings are complex & ppl mostly hv a happiness baseline that wealth doesn't really change in any lasting way (cont. ... last one)
moustace Melbourne, Victoria I don't know if we have free will, but feel free to watch this if you are looking to be challenged and expanded Triple J Weekend Breakfast presenter and illustrator in Melbourne
manigsankar Coimbatore, India And not only primary students, anyone of any age of the village can use that facility as library provision in #NEP2020 So learning option will be available free, will be question of learners' willingness2/3 @sumanthraman @kryes @premanand2008 @madan3 @vickneswarang @PMOIndia Entrepreneur
moustace Melbourne, Victoria @melissasuzanneh Hey Melissa! just wanted to say I was absolutely riveted by yours and @ppirak 's series on free will. Somehow fully convinced by all sides at the same time. Thanks! Triple J Weekend Breakfast presenter and illustrator in Melbourne
thegamedevguy Philadelphia, PA @Limekys Controller support wasnt finalized lol the version i posted was a very old version (1 month old very outdated) the new one which wont be "free" will be more professional and finalized thank you for trying :D 🌎Project: "World of Explorers" 💎Discord: ⌨️GMS2 User 🎨Pixel Artist 👨‍👧‍👧 FATHER 🍀PROCEDURAL GENERATION!!! 🍀DOWNLOAD WOE FROM LINK !!!
AndrewJ32236577 Swamp life florida @DFBHarvard They’ve been conditioned to be the oppressed victim,actually getting more privileges than most. It’s all about free will and choices. Dedicated to the Truth. Patriot. Born for the storm #IBOR #banSES
1howacha 2) only. Pesky. And how humbly-dumb we are in this brief, flesh-part of eternal life. Only resort is to Hand-in-hand faith-walk for experience-knowledge, returning His trust and love, walking out in free will this quirky body He died to allow us to redeem, time JESUSPHOBIA IS A SELF-HATE CRIME
Maggie110352 The Patriots have no blame in your game. Adults have free will and chose to volunteer for this poison vaccine. THEY WERE ALL BORN OF FREE WILL AND COULD HAVE REFUSEDTO WEAR MASKS AND STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS. WE PATRIOTS HAVE TRIED FOR 3.5 YEARS TO ENLIGHTEN NON BELIEVERS. OHIO Military Wife, Military Mother, Military Grandmother. Proud NRA Member . I WAS a DEM & voted Obama in 08. WALKED AWAY & WILL NEVER VOTE DEM AGAIN!
cmccaff100692 Earth now, Heaven later @nacImageTech We all have free will! God doesn't make robots! He gives you the right to receive eternal life, and the option to reject it! Only a few will go down the narrow path that leads to eternal life! Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father! God won't save anyone who is trying to be saved. He will only save those who are TRUSTING to be saved! You MUST put ALL your trust in Jesus Christ to be saved!
coffeegirl_77 Mississippi @mwicDallas @xan_desanctis People choose to sin against God’s Will is free will given by God. He doesn’t force people to follow His Will & path to Heaven. Our government not just approves of sin, but makes it part of their agenda, such as Biden, Pelosi and others do. I personally won’t vote for a Dem. Writer, Artist, Photographer...Coffee is my muse! I love crocheting, encouraging others, and spending time with my hubby:)
ClownaldTrump Trumpsville, NY @macgregorjeff @Exec4consult @davestewart4444 @Indepen31551198 @genaLthomas I promise you, they do plenty. And as people of free will, you do you, I’ll do me. Elites looking down their noses at us commoners=#2020Landslide Born in 2017 to parody DJT. SCOTUS #KAG #deplorables #MAGA #FISAabuse
Gary82385547 @DC12111 @sandyleevincent @realDonaldTrump A) people have free will. In some countries they listen to the leader. In others they don't. If people don't listen and they go against the guidelines, what is the leader suppose to do? A) there is nothing they can do.
maynardg59 Colorado, USA @ET_Exists There is no barrier to girls wanting, and being good at, math and science. Met and went to school with many. I suspect the problem with SJW’s/feminists is they disagree with the choices many take of their own free will. Spacecraft engineer, amateur scientist. “the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” JBS Haldane, 1927
ConnieS70 Central Virginia @chrisbrooksgtr @PrisonPlanet Too bad you don't value liberty and free will. Lower taxes = less government = more liberty. Deplorable Trumplican. #AmericaFIRST #MAGA 😍 🇺🇸 #TRUMP2020LandslideVictory Parler: @ConnieS70
Jefiner68 Trumplandia, Wisconsin @Theo_Logica @sistervpaul_ @jshocds @guatemayabyesi @ToupsFamily @Keithhinton8 @2_catholic @penguinmom @VConquisitor @The_Real_TC @Kc8wzm I love the Triune God. I believe in worship. I'm disabled chose to stay healthy over getting sick going to church. Jesus lives & brings good news to the poor and oppressed. That's not what the leaders of the church are doing by taking free will from women. Women must rise! 🚫not nice people #Trolls 💘AOC my IDOL #TBISurvivor opinions=mine* Learn2Listen #FBR #TheResistance #ResistancetaskForce #Biden2020 Be At Peace With Yourself ✌🏿✌🏼
drrickbarnett Vermont The tender-minded are idealistic, optimistic, religious, believing in free will, while tough-minded are materialist, pessimistic, irreligious, dogmatic and fatalistic” Licensed Doctoral Psychologist #Addiction Flipping, Fun, friendly, forgiving. co-creative. health practitioner. irreverent at times
lisa_proust Canada Contradiction #19 : can you see this is a Fairy Tale to control us, remove our free will (plus birthright to breathe) & prepare us for a double vaccination that CLEARLY won't work because by then the virus will have mutated (or worse will have poison/and or tracking device)? Colombian born, Canadian resident, Planes/fast cars fan. Seeker of truth. I Admire, respect & love Jesus. Mr. Trump supporter from the North. We ALL are one.
DadoLedgeNnoni Ames, IA @status_culture @sirhottest Blacks in America get told yet again by the Democrats what they are and who knows what's best for them. "A few notable exceptions" being the closest that party has come in my lifetime to acknowledging that some black people have independent thought and free will. Luckiest dad so far. Married a Nigerian princess. Saved by Grace. All-American sarcasmist. Hobbies: everything, animals & learning about how people were made
jim16919077 @aleeyun_nvaazun @GurlPower72 @Lor_blueeyes @chrisg409ubc @mrwhite90864194 @jennife37809443 @maurder007 @Vickie627 @truth_pilot @FloatingToHome @SlimJimJohn1 @thedemorats @madurosmustache @leeroq3 @GPoopon @NeoDJT @swbhfx @mandegi @gurtygotprobs @hwestonbull_hhh @Mongo3804 @SmartUSAPat1 @MichiganBounty @RickySi16087724 @FrankDoolin @Skiiryne @MrAnthonyWood @arsenal9w @Skol_1969 @wildcatbill1975 @MysterBobC @SeasonedSaxon @AsanteS09913224 @ChangeTheLAUSD @LastLaughAemial @JaVonniBrustow @Melisa94361674 @RobertDobbs2018 @crazysmooth @infinitebritt @factscontext @TaiDecker @CONSMILITIA @people_shiny @LawrenceTFitz @vacavillesabra @Keithjo05883263 @Vainamoinen6 @Chrusciki12 @MsfFlynnerland Standing right by you and is your creator and died on a Roman Cross for you and gave you a free will to chose him and believe that he is the Son Of The Living God and if you do you will spend eternity with him in HEAVEN bc he loves you for eternity.✝️ I love the unknown things like Space travel and aviation and politics
drkimble123 However my child is loved w $ a great Mom so forget that my point life causes us to feel it life causes us to feel deeply upset inside its science spiritual emotional science we are being moved to feel deeply upset inside way outside of our free will and choice loss ageing etc
tellez_rebecca California, USA @dearjulestweets @FRCAction @FRCdc @mandi_merritt @FoxNews Your the one calling something a myth not me. These are facts that you are choosing to deny and call a myth. Yes, we all have free will and choice to kill or not to kill. The US made it legal, it doesn’t mean it’s morally right and acceptable. Just like the holocaust. Momma protecting her children, I recommend every citizen follow their states leaders on tweeter and voice your concerns to them publicly!!!
The_Elite_Elite Arizona @CryptoHoxhaism @ScottMGreer He respects my free will to choose to do so. He doesn't force me. I can ignore His word and go my own way and suffer the consequences for it. Liberty lover, anti big government. Free speech absolutist. I will never block you simply because have a different opinion than me. Commie Lives Don't Matter.
MicheleRenae13 @Liz_Wheeler If you don't believe in abortion, don't get one. Didn't God give humans free will? It's not your job to judge someone who doesn't think like you. Let the Creator be the judge of of us sinners and mind your business.
SeviRegis1 New York @bobby_capucci @_whitneywebb Filthy old pervert, even worse, a violent rapist killer, pedophilic monster, violater of free will and human rights, disease disseminating demon! He is one SoS that would never repent, remorse, or relent, therefore one good thing is guaranteed for him: HELL. To make the world a better place thru Innovation, Inspiration, and Incentives. Also a place to share my various forms of art and design. And all for LOVE.
jackivinson @naomi90920556 @JennaEllisEsq If you’re going to claim you’re an atheist act like one, and stop imposing your arbitrary values on others including your distaste for hypocrisy (defined by you as not adhering to your specific moral code). Atheism does not allow for moral absolutes or even free will Parler @JackiVinson What is Christianity’s unique contribution among world religions? “Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace” –C.S. Lewis
brewsandbats United States @USReading I'm using medical intervention to control out of control periods. The prevention of pregnancy is just an added bonus. You have a very narrow view of free will and science. So again, thanks. For the laugh🤣 Traveling, cooking, gardening, brewing/distilling, nature, Bats, and weather...oh and BEER♡ cause you's beer. Not here to date
RealErcanAtes1 Rotterdam, Earth! Warning: this contract, signed out of your own free will to get rich and famous knowing that in exchange rich old people as clone can have sex with your clone every night or whenever they want to while you retain all memory of these events, has no get-out clause. / and also a @RealErcanAtes creation! B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering ➡ Information Technology Systems Engineer
cmccaff100692 Earth now, Heaven later @domenictiso4 @fearing_aid @CalifInspector @QuantumHawk666 @MideaRACglobal God gave them free will, and they chose to transgress. God had no bearing on their decision. God won't save anyone who is trying to be saved. He will only save those who are TRUSTING to be saved! You MUST put ALL your trust in Jesus Christ to be saved!

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