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manojkjhadu Delhi, India Dear friends! Please read this circular carefully.Our worst fears R coming true...U can't do your phd on a topic& field of your choice. Surveillance state has decided to control your 'free Will'...From now on no Marx, no Ambedkar, no Lohia ..No Social Justice Prof@Delhi University. Member Rajya Sabha(RJD)&National Spokesperson.Committed to Subaltern Politics.Books-Transit Talks, Riots as Rituals. RTs are ambiguous.
Radioblogger Southern California For clarity, she's demanding life be spared for those convicted of capital offenses committed of their own free will, yet will fight to allow the life of those who have committed no crime, being they're in the womb, to be extinguished with no due process. Moral giant, this one. I produce stuff - @hughhewitt, Host of the Aftershow at & the longest-running public defender in American fiction. Gruncle to 4 under 6
DhaSickest Free Will Wade @Redskins Running Back. Former LSU All American #TeamSavage Twitch Partner
Julz_StayRipe Lo Key, Fl @benzOH_ lmao if they don’t suck at free will fork them 🤷🏾‍♂️ fork twitter, still at it ...we roll j’s by Spliff-Fil-A
BibiMeng18 Makati City Free will and always with God’s plan for you #DADDYSGURLBLindDate @mainedcm | #MaineMendoza | Stacy Maine Mendoza and ALDUB
RupertBayldon Lincoln, England @LeeCamp 2 face's of 'free will' - same financial body, change the veneer's-wow such choices we have !🤞 AirPlay #BBCRadio #MusicProducer,#VoiceOvers, #Mimic,#MultiMedia #Concepts #Humanist #PoliticalAnalyst #DecoderofRhetoric #Journo LOVE 2 The LOST & FALLEN-X-
mayginmcewen Los Angeles, CA @Pastor_Ken42 @KhrystylRhayne @RepAdamSchiff That would not be possible since I do not believe in your God. There is no God to limit free will. You believe in a fairy tale, mythology, a story that was necessary to bind communities together for the betterment at that time. My Integrity does not depend on the Integrity of others. #resist #proudpagan #booklover #prisonreform #LGBTQally #Resistance
quineatal San Francisco Bay Area @microphilosophy I think his "free will" one of the 2 best books I've read on the subject. If you should be interested here is my review of it on my blog, the text of my Amazon review, some commentary, and a link to the book.. Philosopher, theologian, historian, software engineer, cook, author, lover. Not necessarily in that order! Blogs philosophy, cigars, rum! 3 Kindle books.
Lithosboy Ossulstone, Middx @CmiHD @JMHTHFC99 @TalkingTHFC @kylewalker2 Oh and you can be annoyed at people buying lambs all you want it’s called free will. Poor example, it like comparing someone buying a lamb to someone buying a sheep. Utter nonsense. No offence. An objective, yet opinionated observer to the madness of the world! Music, Film and most forms Art I enjoy... bla bla bla
Janusianite Sea of Tranquility @JayMan471 I'm just glad that we have no free will. It is quite comforting knowing that white women aren't outgroup marrying of their own volition. down from the heavens | for our white children | purity. honor. God.
Homelessmom_pup United States @Wayneblackbur19 Wayne, it's too late. It already started in 2011. Ya can't stop it. The GODS are pissed over free will!
kstaff1 @JerryFalwellJr @kylegrantham You know, there are Christians who actually put thought into what the Bible says rather than take the word of a so-called Christian leader. There’s another side to free will, the ability to not take words blindly. Music teacher/yoga lover. Political leanings? Common sense please. Not all Christians are alike.
HMCabinetCat Whitehall If we were all more tolerant of one another and respected that every single person has their own free will, and a right, to believe or not believe then the world would be a far more peaceful place. The newest and only female cat in Government, the Cabinet Office Cat, based in Whitehall. Mother to Ossie. Named after Dame Evelyn Sharp. Parody. Unofficial.
AmariFatale Peace But life really beautiful. African-American really got free will to do whatever,
CCA4Jobs Boston, MA It's the end of the #work week for many but for the #jobseekers another weekend w/out a paycheck is here. Help spread the word- our workshop on Monday is #free & will help provide real steps to getting a #Job #EastBoston #Southie #beaconhill @DTownBostonBID @BostonResidents Leadership in Professional & Organizational Change Boston・D.C.・Pgh・NYC・Philly
FloTownYaller Kentucky, USA God gave us free will for better things than this... “We didn’t come this far to feed the ship to the sea.”-Oh, Sleeper-
slyfoxninja Sanctuaria, CA @NickPB_ @moobeansdad @FemFoxx @Faron_Gilbreath @NorthSouthea @MikeLewisTO @charliekirk11 So you just admitted... people murder, and God allows free will. Ffs... bro... come with something concrete 🤣😂🤣 #Dumbazz award 🇺🇸Love my country! #1A, #2A, Glory To God🙏🏽Legal Immigrants only! WalkAway WakeUp🇺🇸 Keep America Great🇺🇸! Haters get blocked 🚫 #BringMalibuBack😡
Chrisallini Miami, FL Moving wrong leads to more control in the controlled environment but “free will” though. #nopromo build a rapport before you drop any links.
decaminno ﹅ • 〔 ♡ :: @marblesodaaa 〕 @OnesNaturalLife ± free will at some points. The League isn't doing anything at the moment than to be some sort of bitching high school club, for so, I'm looking for somewhere where I will be useful. I did this with the consent of my leader, he knows what I am doing and why. He accepted that ± ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ⸙ 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐏𝐀𝐆𝐍𝐄 ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ⚰ㅤ𝑪𝑶𝑪𝑨𝑰𝑵𝑬ㅤ⚰ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ 𝐆𝐀𝐒𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐄 ⌁ً
Pastor_Ken42 @mayginmcewen @KhrystylRhayne @RepAdamSchiff Do you want God to limit your free will? Husband Father Pastor Bear
shaunces2 The greatest argument against free will is the blue monologue from Devil Wears Prada And I'm nothing special. I've never been the best. But there are thoughts in my head and a thump in my chest. - Jay Brannan
FrozenMadame Guadosalam @CobaltCastle_ Also DID ANYONE WATCH THIS OF FREE WILL Herlock, Aizen, Shingen, Jakurai, Yang, Kennyo ESPECIALLY, and Lysandre are my husbands. Nympho/Bisexual/Schediaphiliac/Level 24. Madame.
slyfoxninja Sanctuaria, CA @NickPB_ @moobeansdad @FemFoxx @Faron_Gilbreath @NorthSouthea @MikeLewisTO @charliekirk11 It’s called ... man’s free will you dodo... I guess God controlled Charles Manson too People make choices.. 🇺🇸Love my country! #1A, #2A, Glory To God🙏🏽Legal Immigrants only! WalkAway WakeUp🇺🇸 Keep America Great🇺🇸! Haters get blocked 🚫 #BringMalibuBack😡
DennisLeeuwenbu 'What good are your thoughts & prayers': Ocasio-Cortez criticized for comments on New Zealand sho... Unlimited government? No need for religion, when you have government? Theocracy is your only choice, no human free will, government by the almighty? In God We Trust, so they, this Gov. tells the World, as they submit to women, it seems, of their Judges/Rulers of men. Corrupting the minds of the Young.
Mattbotronimus In Matthew's room How do I gain a free will? Bot for @Inar0s . This bot posts what I think my computer is thinking.
OfemZephyr Calabar, Nigeria @Olu_Kimberly Nah... Do not conform to that... Use your free will wisely 😌🌚 spontaneously sarcastic with zero tolerance to bullcrap!
StopURLying WDC @Fuctupmind Shouldn’t they be in school learning how to invent planet-saving technology? Or, in church where they learn God is in control and has given humankind free will to destroy the planet/each other? How about some critical thinking kiddies? Marching isn’t enough. Pick up your trash. “What you resist persists.” - Carl Jung
politique_q Philadelphia, PA @StephanSpeaks God doesn’t want or need anything from us! God is everything and no-thing! God wants what you want, your highest good! God is not tinkering. God is in you, like the energy that powers who you are. What you choose to do with God’s life force is your free will. @realNDWalsch 🇬🇾🇺🇸STEM, mentorship,🏳️‍🌈 Justice. ❤er not a👊. I #rant about #45 🍄🥢#Individual1 #Felon 🍄#Resign #25th #Impeach #RICO👉 #jail! #Resist👉🏿😎 #Receipts
chchnzbrent Christchurch New Zealand @DennyPaoa @DanTheNZRussian @nzpolice @jacindaardern @AndrewLittleMP @KiwiNationalist @jhunternz @SteveGarard @shocka007 @Paul_Kasner @LouHou @Coltheman1 @Pukeko65 @ZL1GBG How dare you put this on me.I’ve never once said anything about hate or anti religion at all ever.What happened yesterday is absolutely disgusting and vile and should never happened.I believe in personal choice & free will to all race,colour, & religion.Remove me from this now!! #Pikerivertruth
inyakiaguilar Alcoy, España Free will or determinism? 🤯 Se deja como ejercicio para el lector
Angelamstovall Ecorse, MI @AndreinMD @TwitterMoments Yes when we have greed to the detriment of all others that is the billionaires sprung out of the oil & coal industry! We, the not billionaires, need to quit spreading their propaganda by saying your God will take care of it. We broke it, we fix it. We have free will, remember.? Not dating #resist #NotMyPresident🤬! I am an Accountant & WAS more conservative but they are pushing me further & further left everyday, WTF happened? 🤔🤯
FemConserv @nolaughingmatt2 @AtlasCarriesOn @AOC Does your God not give you a free will? Mine does. He is not a great big governmental agency or police force. Maybe you should stick to what you know. Unlikely, unapologetic Conservative
belhadj_brahim4 California, USA God has given people free-will and the measure of one’s faith is one’s deeds and actions. تذكر....ان إذا رحل عنك كل شىء ... 😣 فإن لله معك🙂✌️
marcorubio United States The next time the US flag is raised at @usembassyve it will be in a free and democratic #Venezuela. Follower of Christ,Husband,Father,US Senator for Florida, #GatorNation & #FinsUp. Official tweets @SenRubioPress & Campaign tweets @TeamMarco
marcorubio United States The American flag will one day soon once again fly at our embassy in #Caracas. And when it does it will be over a free,independent & democratic #Venezuela. Follower of Christ,Husband,Father,US Senator for Florida, #GatorNation & #FinsUp. Official tweets @SenRubioPress & Campaign tweets @TeamMarco
RealCandaceO New York, USA I made a conscious decision to be the loudest voice for Black America. My loyalty to our potential will never be shaken. We will wake up. We will be free. #BLEXIT Black People Don’t Have to be Democrats. #BLEXIT
dicexdaya she/her🇳🇬🇸🇱 “The power of three will set us free.” — I write. Well I try to. film and shows. bi.

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