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20thcenturymarc London, UK Channel Boredom Anyone complaining about the Line of Duty finale should remember that after 18 years Byker Grove ended with all the characters becoming aware they were in a TV show with no free will of their own, fending off a T.Rex attack and ultimately being blasted into a void of nothingness. Writer/critic (@Guardian, @HeyUGuys, @TheQuietus) musician, comic. Biography of Terry Pratchett out now via @whiteowlbooks. Bass @blamed4nothing. He/Him. 🏳️‍🌈
GreggDCaruso Today is the official release of my new book: Rejecting Retributivism: Free Will, Punishment, and Criminal Justice by Gregg D. Caruso | Copies should start shipping in 1 to 2 days | @CUP_Law @CambUP_PHILNYUK | Philosopher @SUNY Corning, @NCHLondon, @Macquarie_Uni | Free Will, Moral Responsibility, Punishment, Criminal Law/Justice, Phil Mind, Ethics, Social & Political
JamesSurowiecki New Haven, CT Having said that, you're going to see a lot of Republicans fudge this distinction, because giving people the option but not the requirement to send their kids to pre-K for free will be very popular, and the GOP's going to be looking for ways to make the idea look bad. Author of The Wisdom of Crowds. I blog at I wrote The Financial Page for The New Yorker.
Donalddodan Nigeria Wanna get started in Crypto? buy FREEcoin, best start up coin for newbies, $Free will increase the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide, I love $Free now and always #bsc #bnb Ex- futarian | A Forester and a crypto Enthusiast | $bnb $twt $cake $juld $free #DYOR
ArrbazAhmad Who Knows? Free will is there to make you choose for yourself with your own conscience and to the best of your knowledge and mental faculties. Islam educates muslims about predestination..and its purpose is to avoid nervous breakdowns if someone's efforts don't yield desired results.. Stupidity offends me.....🔥🔥
TedeJosh Jersey City, NJ Free will and individuality are mutually dependent concepts, and equally illusory. What does this say about identity? Reader/writer of literary fiction. There's no greater liar than one who claims to possess the truth- 🤔 Past, present, and future. It's all story- 🤔
Victoria_nkatha Odense, Denmark @_Neney Even before getting saved, one still knew what was right and wrong! Your actions are your choices and that is why we get saved! The holy spirit guides us to making better choices and more right choices than wrong! But we still have that free will and that is on us! || Founder - @responding_toli || Award Winning Speaker 🎤 (Mental Health and Positivity) || Business Analyst 👩🏾‍🎓 || Woman of great Faith 👑 🇩🇰🇰🇪
ednahjacksons Valhalla Christians who have free will to choose good and evil according to the Bible forget that when they sin and blame Satan, I love a beautiful mess😂 Eliud Kipchoge Stan Account
IloMagyar Germany The System needs us to get the VacCine with free will, because when Peoples realise, what the Vaccines realy are, they can say, that they didn’t forced us. See how important the Vaccines are for them worldwide and remember that they are all Freemasons. Protect your Holy Blood! LEBENsKÜNSTLERIN
DearLeaderBiden Get The fork Up, USA @reginaldbolding You can’t make people love each other like God can’t force us love Him. Free Will. Lead by example not with a boot on our necks, an iron fist and punishment for sins OTHERS committed. Seek Gods face not, money. Fighting back is a beautiful thing.
tGC_Nations Lagos, Nigeria God in the greatness of His benevolence decided to give us (Humans) a free will. That means we have absolute freedom to choose, decide and act in whatever way we want even if we choose to act against God the Father May God help Nigeria which on is #buharimuststay #thursdaymorning Raising a Holy Nation that Hungers for God, Thirst for His righteousness and Love Him to stupor. God is at the Centre of all we do. We are a Movement of Jesus!
torhlex02 🇳🇬 God in the greatness of His benevolence decided to give us (Humans) a free will. That means we have absolute freedom to choose, decide and act in whatever way we want even if we choose to act against God the Father May God help Nigeria which on is #buharimuststay #thursdaymorning Big God first💪💨 That_yoruba_boi😜💨 IG: Torhlex02✌💨 #MUFC🙌💨
isaacwalex Somewhere in the world Buhari warns and the begs bandits who kidnap and kill. Not surprised if he turns and forgives them. Those who kidnapped hundreds of students and later released them (allegedly of their own free will) were never arrested nor prosecuted. They did that and walked away freely. Strategy | Research | Finance
teamfoundfamily supermegaturbohell sam, dean, cas, and jack are team free will 2.0!!!!! all four of them are so forking important to the show, and the last ep did not do any of them justice eds/dean. he/they. back on my spn bullcrap. dean-centric with some destiel. 18+.
drkimble123 So you look at all the variables that put torture inside outside of our free will and the normal subconscious treatment a individual gets by adulthood on that has yet to become successful
drkimble123 So you look at all the variables that put torture inside outside of our free will failures in love and $
MEarth86 Earth plane @Tony71168817 Don't be a moron you have free will and if you had real faith you would not need a mask. A bit like your virtual signalling you are a fake follower too. Child of God. Freedom for humanity.
AnarchoSyn The free will debate is dumb Like i may personally lean to one side because I feel a certain way, but thats all this argument ever is. ITS LITERALLY ALL FEELING. There is no way to determine/argue it seriously. The answer is unknown and being confident in it is a pretty dumb idea The liberation of all individually is dependent on a collective protecting it He/Him
ancapion1 @gypster2004 @dogmael_jones I agree with the slide. It is a rule of law from creation, I don’t really know if it can be called conscious, I’d have to think about it more. It’s a mixture, natural law, and free will. And I’m going to sleep now to lol 😴 Retweets and likes do not necessarily mean I agree with content. Posts are made in discussion of topics and also I use examples. Association in @ symbol ❌ agree
Listen2Buck cake laana aur candy bhii If everything is as per almighty and there's no free will... is this like it was already written by someone long back... are we heading towards worst Kaal (samaj ka aanth) 🤔 Stop the radicalisation of minority brethren... beware the dharm siddh righteousness of majority. I reserve the rights to call out creepoids. Alt: @Hermeitx
UsDanks @arminsannie yeah seriously bert helped AA in 137 since yams said the shifters joined of their own free will thanks to zeke and armin breaking the founders hold of them Yep its me PrinceCaimm/ArthurDank you're probably wondering how I got here for the 10th time I think I got yeeted but im back
_Mrt_XX @colsonsupremacy Of course legal consent means the girl/boy is free to choose and the law dosn't allow a minor to have a relationship with someone that has a position of power like a teacher or an employer..Free will and free choice Re essential.
enough1970 Did we miss the election where he was voted "Dictator of the World?" No where is he giving or allowing Free Will and Choice. Only his rule and our obedience to anything he decrees under his dictatorship! Who else is behind Bill Gates pushing & pulling the Puppet Master strings?
Shetalketh I know that y’all have been robbed off your empathy on sm but pls get this Donating is free will,nobody forces you If a post is up and it doesn’t befit you,then by all means move along No one’s entitled to your donation and you’re equally not entitled to an explanation This is a Sza stan account
gil_bearr the pool (or eating) It’s been 2 weeks since my second dose COVID-19 vaccine, I’m now linked with the 5G network and the government controls my mind and I have no free will. It’s about time I’m a mindless sheep incapable of making my own decisions (I sucked at it anyways) 😍😵‍💫😍 dare mighty things | he/him/his
swizzyswank Btwn NYC, Philly, & San Diego It looks like Spirit is setting up a similar situation. But divine neutrality means respecting the free will of others, and not trying to force outcomes. Trusting the universe regardless of how it plays out. Always remembering that ascension is a personal choice. My stream of consciousness ✨ The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love —Che Guevara
im_passive Ikorodu, Nigeria We were all made in Love and Free will. And Agape love is Selfless Love🕊🤍 Life is all about Jesus..and you too. let GOD decide the rest #Jesus clan #Order_of_Bezelal Thankyou_GOD: Whatever you do Thank (appreciate) GOD ❤️ always Thank
Pope_Cee Ghana We have our own free will and can choose what we want but if we want the best for ourselves, then we must yield to the Creator’s instructions. A lifestyle of complying with God’s will serves our own good in the end. Be obedient to the Lord. IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER!!! || FC Barcelona || APSU || Asante Kotoko || Mercedes Benz || Roger Federer || LA Lakers ||
Ladyofmamy @epnsproject @harshrajat @Riijo @jafetsc Now that you are currently on ropsten testnet and it is essentially free. Will it continue to be free in the future or you plan to make it come at a cost later and what cost will it be? ❤️👍🤜🤛
ancapion1 @dogmael_jones @gypster2004 The issue comes when people start using the word “god” and the right brain imbalanced start to say that god controls EVERYTHING and you don’t have free will. I will admit, I used to be one of these people mostly, I realized it is an unhealthy state of mind and not true. Retweets and likes do not necessarily mean I agree with content. Posts are made in discussion of topics and also I use examples. Association in @ symbol ❌ agree
Bettythemermaid I just don't understand why do we want to take away from students the ability to recognize their own needs and have the free will to do what they need to learn better.
DahmerEliphas Earth, Graveyards @j_arthur_bloom @DonaldJTrumpJr Landlords have bills to pay too, and upkeep of property is expensive. Living rent-free will force landlords to evict renters anyway due to dissolving their business. Good luck. We are all born to become food for maggots and rot away
AlabareUK United Kingdom No-one wants to worry about the unexpected but we all know it's important to protect our affairs for loved ones, which is why we're so pleased to offer our free wills scheme saving on avg £150 in association with Steele Rose and @McClureLegal A charity transforming the lives of homeless and vulnerable people, providing homes and support to build skills, confidence and opportunity #LetsEndHomelessness
_TheBareMinimum South Africa @Ziie___ That's what free will does . It allows for people to treat you how they want and therefore no one owes you kindness . Literally no one . YNWA♥️
ancapion1 @dogmael_jones @gypster2004 To find knowledge is engaging in science, the reason why this power is a high one is that humanity cannot overstep natural law, just like gravity, or other laws of physics. As shown on the slide, natural law is the deterministic component, AND free will is the random component. Retweets and likes do not necessarily mean I agree with content. Posts are made in discussion of topics and also I use examples. Association in @ symbol ❌ agree
HeeroSouldice @bahnloopi Dice-a human hero that died and became a demon peguin (prinny) of his own free will. Spent time in diffrent Netherworlds and as a result of an Eggman experiment the Disgaea and Sonic universe link causing all types of chaos. Now he chases a new incarnation of egg through a MU Hi U'm just a run of the mill idiot that loves art and coming up with AU's Most of the stuff on this Twitter will be SFW ,but +18 please.
Shetalketh @atticusmaglorix I get that you’ve been robbed off your empathy with con occurrences on social media but that doesn’t grant you the right Donating is free will and if something doesn’t befit you then move along I’m not entitled to your donation and you’re not entitled to an explanation G’day This is a Sza stan account
jonflugby2020 Antelope Isle, Lake Bonneville 2. Yes we have free will, more than a carrot. Tards and grifters get stuck in the weeds, and their brains in continuous fart mode, when they worry about whether all events are predetermined or not. Evolutionary social conservative. Moving away from Twitter for all my social media activities. parler @jonhigbee
JPSteven21 California, USA @tchsmorris @MarkRoeda @NeilShenvi No, that doesn't follow at all. How hard is it understand that both individual choices and environmental (and historical, etc) factors play a role? Do you believe in free-will, or are you a determinist? Former Professional Athlete (b-ball - Euro & Asia). Freelance writer, musician, trainer. BA/MA Philosophy and World Religions. Rarely use Twitter.
fogel_skit United Kingdom @AliAbdaal What are your thoughts on Free will and Determinism? It seems Free will is largely an illusion of sorts. Discuss It gets late early out there. A place to bookmark what's interesting.
brokerthanlife Chesapeake, VA i’m sorry and i feel like people will hate me...homosexuality is purely a social construct. it’s not natural. anyone who says that is lying. what’s natural about ending the human life cycle? nature nurtures us to progress. free will causes us to stop and congress. set sail to find out for yourself 🌞🌝
BBCbreakingNewt Your back garden🌸 @BBCNews Nutty logic The idea that YOU decide not to do something but somebody else is to blame for YOU exercising your own free will not to do it, is twisted logic And hugely insulting to suggest because of your skin colour, you are not even responsible for your own decisions You might remember me from Blue Peter. Friend of Shep. Preferred pronoun - she’LL🌸
EmberedShadow @Clmentrenee1 It doesn’t, if people listened. Problem is no one is listening to each other. This a big mess, so clean the board and re-establish the teaching, it’s a free Will thing. The people must choose. We are all unique, I’m just a dude doing things... sometimes big things, other times small things but it’s all just things.
LexisH0546 I was thinking to myself, who could help increase vaccination numbers? And it hit me. Religious leaders. One of the most common things I see from covid-antivaxxers is “God will protect me.” Most religions believe God gave us free will. 1/ ✨In an unofficial relationship with Disneyland✨ Lover of theme parks, glitter, and travel. Also an accountant with a MBA.
JohnWWoernley Homer, NY People in elected offices sometimes force things and not doing on your own free will or being forced on you. Need things forced to do but also need things doing because only thing can do There are men it takes 70 or more women to balance out and number growing it can sometimes be cruel but sometimes those men become the chief
RobinBGrieve @JamesMFCNZ @SueBoyde @LizzieMarvelly Probably the most racist belief you can have is that people have no free will because of their race. That is what you believe and it disgusts me The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit. Milton Friedman
PrinceKaguyo New Asgard, Earth If nothing is understood how something can come if not properly understood? Because from my sight, the god managing people life is more evil than a good one giving knowledge and tools to express your free will Evil offer no free will, no liberty or knowledge... Nothing +99 - Asperger - Lair of Madness or Tripping therefore I tweet 😋 - Debunk Religion - Journal - Patois Franglish - Pvt account
Unpurgeable18 @ICanPlainlySee @Vashchook1980 @ISafeyet @MarvinRJeffcoat @PaulGregory2173 @arthur_oslund @StillFreeSCOTTY @kcinor @RickSacrop @MaryLanser @JT375043170 @JustthefactsAn @SueTayl14911306 @WhalenMona @VGat9300 @Phyllis94584953 @jusme1233 @RalphS24381648 @traveler002 @DustinA66460461 @itsaboutdamnti1 @Michel78118339 @tnolwene @Wahboom @skis416 @MarcGriff89 @KishorTrivedi7 @OxmanMartin @WeStand4theFlag @ConnorInsurance @Christo29932651 @OratorBlog @MichaelJFell @TrumpetHerr @teagiver7 @ilDonaldoTrumpo @JessieJaneDuff @cinarte1956 @tatianycoeuvre @SophieCWong @SookyBlessingtn @bindyb123 @slimefin @MarilynLavala @thedude77 @DFBHarvard @Ann_marie1231 @CassyWearsHeels @PaulMer53 @Tee2019K Except the Dignity of - Free Will - Free Speech - Live Free from Coercion - Personal Property - A Savings Account - Control over your Destiny And so forth Long live freedom
Iam_nqobs @MashieRyan @ProfJNMoyo @NewsHawksLive @DMwonzora @OurMDCT No, I'm saying G40 will takeover MdcA and when we think we're free will have another zanu in power. Educational qualifications is not a measure of thinking capacity. I love Dogs 🐶
PepValdes Ciudad de México some of the detail present at the level being modelled (hence giving rise to the empty illusion of 'free will') and would distinguish to some extent between the creature's physical body and its modelling activities. The same would apply to successful AI systems..." «Ainsi va la vie à bord du Redoutable»