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jessphoenix2018 California, USA All of these terrible takes about Harry and Meghan seem to neglect that perhaps they *gasp* decided a different course of action was right for their family instead of being cogs in a monarchy machine that is literally centuries old. Even royals have free will. Volcanologist, founder @BlueprintEarth, Fellow @explorersclub & @RGS_IBG, host @catastrophepod, science evangelist, animal rescuer. Ran for Congress. 🏳️‍🌈
LiveAction LA/DC Humans are to use free will to do what is morally right, and it is clear that killing innocent, defenseless children is morally wrong. Live Action is a new media movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion.
maxthegirl Baltimore, MD New suggested compulsory class in high schools: The dangers of fandom and tribalism: How the overidentification with a person, company, or work of popular culture can snuff out personal identity, critical thinking, and free will. Editor-in-Chief, Baltimore magazine; Film and media critic; Cellist; Rigorous napper; She/Her; ALL OPINIONS MY OWN
Klitbutter United States @USRevolt1776 @RinaValentina >Can't afford toothbrush and reeee's that it isn't free. >Will purchase a lawyer's service (more than likely the price of the toothbrush per hour) Hmmmmm. Israel first. God bless the ZOA. I love me some great dancing #freemarket #SamsonOption
JenkinsLefroy Электросталь, Россия @motnevobrev @RobertJantz @RubinReport Noooo... That's not how it works. You're not brainless, you have a mind of your own and free will. I don't have the right to coerce you, to force you to buy my product, but I can still sell it. But, uh, weren't we discussing UHC? Where did harmful products come in? Love Gaming, crafting - whether it be wine, smoked meat, chocolates and candy, a little marijuana, and I love sharing these times with you. Come by and chat.
SailorBrendan @Stephen2pj @KnolesMichael He asked, which meant that you somehow *had* to make baseless accusations? Are you telling me that you lack basic free will and must answer any question regardless of your qualification to actually answer it? Calling someone a liar is a pretty specific thing man. sailor, awkward political junkie, trying to do some good. Not great at twitter but I'm trying. My words are my own and I'll take responsibility for them
JenniferElia6 @declanoscanlon @alwaysshane31 @starledger Here are 4 reasons: 1. It goes against the 1st amendment rights of freedom of religion. 2. It holds doctor hostage and makes them bow to the state instead of practicing medicine of their own free will. #. It terminates informed consent because you are required to have a medical Jennifer is a homeschool consultant & best selling author who coaches hard working moms on building thriving and successful homeschools that fit their lifestyle
IketheHydra Elkhart, IN @hogg_daddy Good for them! Let this be a lesson that NO ONE'S destiny is predetermined, and all of us have the choice of free will recovering hedonist; sometimes i tweet
ghostsofmerthyr @RealBoydClack Some scientists have been battling with this for a while. The idea that free will is actually an illusion and your decisions are pre determined. Boy from Merthyr Tydfil who got stuck in England. I typed some words into a computer and it looks like a work of crime fiction in the right light.
Judahent A Theological question for today. IF GOD KNOWS THE FUTURE, WHAT IS FREE WILL? For God to be God, God must be infallible and know the future perfectly, including all my actions from birth to death. For my will...
jseel52 Norwalk, OH 1/15/20 - Thankful for my students who challenge me everyday and allow me to do what I love everyday. Here they are showing off their #oneword for 2020. Words like simplify, improve, aware, valorous, and free will… Mother, Family and Consumer Science (home ec) Teacher, sister, wife, daughter - just a few of the things that keep me busy 💜
DerrickGullatt2 @NAFWB Once a Stedent a free will bapties collage on West Ave .Am A CEO Derrick Gullatte . I still love the Lord. I have been in a lot in my life .I live at capital of California. I have been in study the Bible ,and kept in your head can save against evil Good lord
LightAsiiDJ Tip: cashapp astrolifecoach111 Every transit or natal position has an equal positive and negative expression. You as the human with free will chooses which one you will express. The power is in you always. Welcome to my compilation of high thoughts. Professional Astrology Birth Chart reader. Business Inquiry: or hit the DMs. And So It Is🔥
dearest_tulip People ask me to do this and in return, I do it with my own free will 21. Can't Swallow. Switch Friend Code: SW-4745-2723-6892
realityaddict2 United States @Pinky81949548 Yes. We can choose to be good or evil. Drunk driver's killing innocent ppl is their free will to choose evil. If the person they kill is a believer they will be blessed and family will find peace by turning to their God in prayer and faith. My Bravo sobriety date is 1-14-2020. I fell off the wagon 1-16-2020 🥴🥴🥴
TheWritingSyren Taking the final exam tomorrow for the online writing course I took this past month through the @torontolibrary. Love TPL so much and I am very grateful they offer so many great courses for free!!! Will be taking Part II in February. #writerslife #writerlife Writer . Author . Storyteller. Thriller, Adventure, Sci Fi, Mystery, Conspiracy and Paranormal/Urban Fantasy #amwriting 🇨🇦 Instagram: @thewritingsyren
halfblackjayy Louisiana, USA @kimlippys Geez some of you christians are mad and judgemental I personally don’t believe in being gay/bi Bc Im a Christian but people can do what they want to be happy Yk they could be saved but still be gay? God gave everyone free will that’s why jesus shed his blood for us
joythruChrist Oz Free will I have often heard of, but I have never seen it. I have always met with will, and plenty of it, but it has either been led captive by sin or held in the blessed bonds of grace. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon 🕆 Christian | 💖 @1YokedToChrist | Artist🎨 | #metoo but Jesus heals | Gal. 2:20 | 🌮 🦡 | Part-time 🧜‍♀️ | OPC | I'm here for the typos | Stalked by a tree
fruitionphotos You have free will. You can tell someone making you frustrated and uncomfortable to fork right off. (That’s why we have more than one). But if you listen to them, you’ll realize a few things: Spiritual Alchemist. Intuitive Astrologer. Tarot Reader. DM me your love stories. tips always welcome. Guidance website coming soon.
jimgansrow @dcexaminer @JustinTrudeau @realDonaldTrump Ohhh that’s right. We told them to shoot a plane!!! They had no choice, no free will, and hence are absolved of any responsibility. But the U.S. is responsible???? Dolt!!!
MillieStLouie St. Louis, MO @DaveThurl And free will. They hate the idea that God would allow behavior yet equally oppose the idea of submission/ obedience. Would u rather be a robot? Can't have it both ways. Daughter of God, granddaughter of veterans, mostly Native, 100% American, educated, curious, observant, opinionated; I stand w/ all Patriots & back The Blue.
MrWPerteet Arizona You can choose a ready guide In some celestial voice. If you choose not to decide You still have made a choice. You can choose from phantom fears And kindness that can kill. I will choose a path that's clear. I will choose free will! #Rush #FreeWill #Scorpio #IndependentThinker #NonJudgmental Fitness. Sports. RockMusic🤘& etc! “When there's a will, there's Always a Way”💪
ShareenSha4 @AjmalIshak Hehe I wanna try too. 😛 Reply and I will tell you : first impression: kind person. ur nickname in my head: can't think of any le. Haha closeness ratings (1-10): 6 do i like u: yes u are my: friend ever had a crush on u: nopee. 😅 should you post this too: your free will 🌚❤|| Early Childhood Educator ||
bazeyatia cactuar @_idaros instead of having an opinion and free will why dont you stop perceiving the world around you? smfh accnt got whoopied. this is ka3ikki. he/they, 21 🖊️gbf/ffxiv/kny/promare/fe personal @faasansarmpit
Standmvm @Ortsaa_ @qixad_ I have no lead to govern my voice. I am free. I am on my own free will. If and when I decide to strike, your nightmares will seem like a happy place 19 x VIDEO EDITOR @ECLIPSEVISUALS
bgulik Berlin, Germany @PartyAmericas @pinkheretic Wasn't talking about free will. Was talking about thousands of years of god-given guidance apparently turning out to be wrong, and having to be corrected by Jesus. Sure sounds like a f-up to me. Temporary(?) expat in Germany. Witnessing the worst dysfunction of American government. trying to #Resist!
RealLifeWill ➖ The Golden State ➖ @Kush_Daz @StylinOnU_ @_almightyeli 700 people taken against their free will isnt enough to be up there with the names up bill Cosby and r kelly? Regardless of name holy crap 700 people?! This should be everywhere RIP ATM & JT 👼🏼 | K.H 🤤 | Nobody is Invincible XICCXVIII
handsomberg Indonesia — Watt, Montgomery. Free-Will and Predestination in Early Islam. Luzac & Co.: London 1948.; Wolfson, Harry. The Philosophy of Kalam, 1976 Harvard University Press 𝘓𝘪𝘧𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘯 𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘨𝘨𝘭𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘦𝘹𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦.
megbasham Charlotte, NC @Brooke_Medina_ Election and free will both equally true Author, senior writer @WNGdotorg, co-host @TWERadio. Also seen in @wsj, @weeklystandard, @nro etc. Wife of @thebigbasham. Life is a spoiler.
TheRealHannay @sandy @Co_inne If there's no soul then there's no free will and no moral dilemma comes from harming animals.
MsKatrinaLynn Chicago, IL I am beyond grateful, ecstatic and humbled of my friends who are like family who made an effort to come out in the bitter cold, to have brunch with me. There was those who sent money, on their free will who... World Dominator & City Conqueror! Radio Producer:#Power106 #Power92 #Soul1063 Instagram: mskatrinalynn 👻: mskatrinalynn
RealBoydClack Cardiff, Wales What if predetermination and free will are both valid concepts? We can decide to do literally ANYTHING we choose but that choice is predetermined? Is this possible? Actor and writer of High Hopes and Satellite City. CD's Welsh Bitter and Labourer of Love available now in Asda and Tesco stores and online at Amazon.
RAThompsonJr Dallas, Texas, USA I'm Pro-Choice. Yes, There are exceptions, but if you're pregnant, then you made your choice. It's time for you & the baby's father to do the right thing. And the right thing is letting your baby live. And know this, God gave us free will but killing his children is a sin. I am Pro: 1st Amend., 2nd Amend., America First, Border Security, Christianity, Family, Israel, Life, Texas, Trump #MAGA #KAG
SeaCasa1 Ceredigion @Dunadan9 I wouldn't expect anything different from him. He's a Wreckcrapter and we all Know they hate Democracy and free will. I'm a bit of a loony. Always try to see the best in everyone. Have 2 beautiful daughters who are the centre of my universe. Have SPMS & I Speak my Mind :-)
Baz_788 @tckahler Government maintains a monopoly on violence. They are allowed to kill you,steal from you, and imprison you, even if you have harmed no one and simply made a choice of your own free will. I believe peace could be better held by private rights protection agencies and disputes 1/2
missbishamon United States Free will is overrated. Submit and be truly free. You need an anime Mistress to drain your wallet and balls. Let me protect and nurture you while making you suffer. Payment method in header.
alefarbal some place, somewhere................i think @legndofphoenix 1) it would really help your point if you stop with the "i talk on behalf of everyone" 2) do you have free will? because if you do, you should be more than capable to consume the products you like, and avoid those you don't. venezuelan.
Sandyhk8 Hong Kong @YuriStoyanov Thank you for your message Sir. Hk is dying as the authority is imposing harsher policies and actions to keep people shut. Hk is deteriorating day by day quickly and our children have no free will in the future. #soshk #PoliceState #fightforfreedomstandwithhk #BoycottChina love movies and music. 🎧🎼🎤🎹🎬 #科勞手足 #followbackhongkong #standwithhongkong #hongkongprotests
PotamusHippo1 @jack4_jesus @margaret_sc God gave you free will, some have used that free will to train as dental surgeons - you need to see one. Once a tooth begins to hurt it means the root is dying, it will continue to hurt until treated. Boil some water, add salt, let it cool until tepid and swill around the tooth. Loves all animals. Never Give Up Hope! Surviving Cancer💕 #Resist - Trump must be held accountable💥
PackmasterFl4k @elliesgarage They collapse on the couch, and if they had to breathe, they might've been breathing hard. "Aquator...much preferable...for vacations from now on." They lay a hand on Ellie's. "I am not like your vehicles unless they have consciousness and free will. Here, it will not be hard- The beast lives for the thrill of the hunt, as do I, eternally [] Fan/RP acct []🔞themes [] IC: @Jenpie2 [] #BLRP
empressdivinity When it comes to people and relationships I don’t do any forced crap. It better be equally balanced and reciprocal by our own free will or it ain’t for me. everything and nothing ✨
cprtheone find me if you can and free will dose alter demonic influence Jesus said resist the devil and he will flee from you ! thats evil influence altered ! altered by free will ! I stand with Q anon ,Pentester master tech 40 years ,Real Anonymous. Freedom is not free #MAGA #KAG #WWG1WGA Trump best President ever the #GreatAwakening
cybergibbons Lots of places @jwiechers @cklosowski @pspeter3 @kieranmch Don't think it works. Suggests importance with principal. There's no importance relationship. Agent? Suggests agency and free will. Andrew Tierney - security consultant of all things IoT. Bearded James Bond hobbit. Famous for Bitfi.
RobertPridmore4 Right now, I am coming to the point of accepting our God as being a very loving God who wants to have "mercy on all people," yet will not show his mercy on those who do not want it. Wow. These people reject His mercy and instead receive His wrath. Free will exists. I'm happily married. I'm quiet and don't like to be put in the spotlight. I have 2 cats that I dearly love because they are quiet.
GregoryGHarris Abbotsford, British Columbia @MLapointe72 @MBTSDoctoral *Insert divine sovereignty and human free will joke* Follower of Jesus, Husband to Sarah, Daddy to Benji and Emily, a Pastor at Northview, and infrequent tweeter.
davelanger2k @lheal @ColynKen @ChrisLoesch @FactandReason If God knows what choice you’re going to make it’s not free will. No matter how you want to try and spin it.
gregkevian San Antonio, TX What if god made man kind, and gave us free will through mind to see who would be a perfect god because his time is almost out? What if we are his experiments to see who can create as amazing he he can but we aren’t perfect yet. What if he’s trying to make a god himself here Artist - @strngrsmyfrnds
robwiljas Near Seattle @TheAntiTwitler @LisaCarole1 @iheartmindy @BetteMidler Where's the free will to keep their money and give to whom they wish? Happily married, college educated Christian Trump supporter and Q follower. #Qanon #WWG1WGA
iNickOmega West Midlands, England @slurpaglurp @BigBlueD79 @OneForMrsE Doesn't pretty much every law infringe on individual autonomy in some way? People *should* be allowed to poison themselves with w/e substance they like but laws exist and prosecution is an accepted risk. They still have free will, but their actions have consequences. Gamer, twitch affiliate streamer, professional idiot.
TheAntiTwitler Indianapolis, IN @ScorpioDragon94 @legalalientwit @Stevence2017 @BigPappee @BrandonBeckham_ @roadhunter @realDonaldTrump @PeteButtigieg The unborn child is not of man until the first breath. The Bible you speak of makes that quite clear. You are taking God’s wish for mankind to have free will and are manipulating it to fit your emotions. American Patriot. 🚫MAGA traitors and Fake Christians. Agreed, trump is POTUS, just not a good one. Lists=block #TheResistance #Pete2020 #LGBT #ImpeachTheMF

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