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_SmashAmos31 Baltimore, MD All these problems in the states all the school shootings and everything else .. The government is spending time taking away a woman’s free will to have a baby or not and regardless of situation?.. Stuff like this is crazy to me.. God in all thingsPsalms 91 Green Bay packers DB from Baltimore business / media inquiries contact @samsank3 / #nextlevelnation
ChurchofSatan Everywhere “We Satanists are against evangelizing and proselytizing (in any form) as we consider these to be intrusive, bullying acts that are antagonistic to free will. Having any religion foisted on unwilling people is not Satanic.” Founded by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966, we defined Satanism. 🤘 Please read our FAQ before asking questions. We mute morons, lunatics & trolls. 𖤐
ACampaNajjar San Diego, CA #StopTheBans on women’s God-given free will and right to choose. Banning won’t even prevent abortions, it’ll only make it worse. That’s why I’m pro-choice, it’s a decision between a woman and her doctor. Period. Running for Congress (CA-50). Small business owner. Former federal official (DOL). Son of a union mom, community college & SDSU alum.
KingOftheFxllen @AstrayParadise - helped Sandalphon to defeat him and they all, with the Speaker's help, took away the Astral's free will. It was painful. But he came back from the void. "They too will be set free, Lucifer." #GBFRP || #MVRP || 'What is a God?' || Portrayal of Lucilius post 000 || No art is mine || Writer: #Hisui
HereticalGray Australia @AdamKad60488858 @YasMohammedxx How is western society failing in that regard? Is having free will and determining what your life is like so hard? Aussie • Pretty cool person who thinks that atheists shouldn't be killed for their lack of beliefs.
klhparker Texas, USA @SteveMcRae_ I think you have compartmentalized the meanings of love and free will too much. An eclectic mix of #faith, #communication, and #innovation, in pursuit of the perfect word for #inspired ideas. I am an lntroverted #Extrovert and #Anglican!
wutermalone DE @gbaggot @Gropher_Tump @TaylorRMarshall It’s amazing how people with your mindset will try and force Benedict to be the Pope. He gave up the papacy of his own free will. He has never tried to exercise any papal authority or contradict Francis. His letter explicitly mentioned Francis as the only legitimate Pope. My Twitter is Basically Catholicism now. RIP old me 🙏🏽
Lilfellow25 Laurel, MS @Wolfesghost @shannonjoy26 @JodyWannKenobi @spaceabba About a movie. I love Star Wars but it’s not that deep to disagree with someone else. I have the free will and right to comment and disagree. Stop trying to spin it in an offensive narrative 🖤 Whole lotta Star Wars crap 😂 Capricorn ♑️ 🐐
KingOftheFxllen "I knew he would never agree with him. He was supposed to protect that sky after all. However I want to prove I am not a tool of the Omnipotent. I want to prove I have my own free will and to do so I will defy him." #GBFRP || #MVRP || 'What is a God?' || Portrayal of Lucilius post 000 || No art is mine || Writer: #Hisui
Msheeeeep @b_microscopic @heeroyuy180 @_52508_ @astralakira Yea no he was his teacher and his voucher over school problems the fact that he didnt treat kid like animal without compresion its another thing, you know good parents treat their child like a person with inteligence and free Will too
markmccauley747 Bellaghy, Ireland @RonAtkin1 @HelenHet20 @MatthewHootonNZ Focus on the word join and you might get there. It implies that you did it of your own free will???? Derry man living in Bellaghy. Interested in Sports & Politics. Retweets should not be considered endorsements.
doc_solanki Ahmadabad City, India @DEVGANDHI13 Free will is in the present moment which we call kriyamani karma.Sachita and Prarabdha are stored karma. #Doctor by Profession🏥,Clicking pics,Travelling,Sharing my knowledge and Views to the World!
MiWadiDaddy Limerick, Ireland @GrainneCahill3 Buy us some Smirnoff and a toblerone in Duty free will ya Uachtarán of SPAT | Director of MODAC | Don Chepe | Philadelphia Collins | 061 OG | B.O.C. aficionado
prophet_monkey Illinois, USA @BakerBitchBakes They're so deluded and absent of free will or thought at this point they're basically jehovah's witnesses. "can you spare a moment to talk about our lord Trump?" #resist #resistance #bluewave #votethemout #fbr
Detrocker2264 Michigan The Election People genuinely went out to Vote for @POTUS on their own free will no Russians coaxed me into voting for him he was the better candidate pure and simple that's what you guys missed how popular he was I am glad good triumphed over evil in this case for the good of US Rob Like's Music 60's 70's and the good ole 80's I Care about issues in our country, Patriotic American, 🇺🇸🇺🇸
kivounce Crm. Reyes’. 901, 205, 815. agreed. since who we’re debating with has blinding ignorance that should warn him to filter his thoughts once voicing them but he avoids such and announces comments drenched with stupidity in public—giving the public free will to respond.
OneAndOnly_Lu What is independence without freedom? Living in a world where you can do as you please and encouraging people back home to stay in a place where they lack free will is embarrassing and ridiculous #ReclaimEritreaAt28 A shukorina so you know I’m real 💁🏽‍♀️ 🇪🇷
TheRealRazielah The Deep State people have commited federal felonies for decades in each case. In plain sight, in open view, unhindered, unmanipulated, of their own free will, laughing while violently harming victims. While simultaneously the CIA FBI federal state and local co-conspirators(1of2) We shall overcome...
rebob7 @F_duction @LifeNewsHQ All have been given the free will to make choices. Christians believe that following Christian beliefs is the best choice and make that known realizing there are many whose free will choice is not to believe that way. The law should allow people to live out their belief choice. I'm a Constitutional Conservative and music lover. I'm retired but still active, trying to keep the Republic alive for my great grand children.
DCFurs_Bot Las Vegas, NV Wow this is a very important thread on the nature of free will, and name it the Tirewall Furries ruin everything. | My mind was drunkingly copy-pasta'd from stack overflow by @Birbseph | #infosec #infursec #dcfurs
ZarkMuckerbarn Planet Earth: They destroyed value on you out of their own free will and now you want to amass MORE? decentralized currency advocate ● family first ○ #crypto since '14 ● ₿itcoin ○ Ardor Platform
JimP3737 Earth How have the leaders of that movement hijacked the law free speech and free will? It’s not about gay it’s about total control and mental illness Retweet does not mean endorsement as I do not research every bio. I reserve right to interpret your words as I wish. I assume all my followers are robots.
Sister_Flo_M United States @1CraftyWitch @Jetson77 I don't know if @Jetson's going to heaven, but if you keep insisting on controlling others, especially fellow resisters; then according to you, you will definitely be reincarnated to learn about tolerance and free will. By blocking resisters, you deny yourself to be heard. ❄🕊🌊 Followed by PBrund***. Jesus, son of God of Abraham & Israel, Lord & Savior: Isaiah 53. Happily married with grandchildren. Not into childish squabbles.
PaperFoxx @icecreamkohn2 @emmetoriordan @ssj100000000000 @Afdart88 @Tekla_alkeT @Compersion_Jane @damianarose @phishinthegorge @ProlifeSavage1 @katehanson @AnnaDucayne @Happywife151 @VoteTrumpUSA @JohnOli42367515 @Pro_life_ANCAP @skanz0 @xwarockx3 @i_womb @again_jenn @sweatandsawdus1 The "your body was meant to give birth" argument completely dismisses the free will of the person with the uterus and reduces them to simply living incubators. Pappington. Professional goat impersonator. Scientist. Accidental activist. Overwatch gal. Malik's friend (official)
YIHigh Viroqua, WI Tomorrow night! Join us in the Landmark Center Auditorium for an evening of entertainment, courtesy of YIHS’s drama club! Doors open at 7, 7:30 show start—free will donation and concessions for sale! Youth Initiative High School is a creative, dynamic, caring place for people ages 13-19 to learn how to be happy, socially-conscious, life-long learners.
thecamp_bell but that in itself is part of their deception. free will has been usurped by those in all forms of government. not just through advertisements and subliminals but by altering the very frequencies our creator used to make our specific soul. we as humans are biochemical 5 T
birchdoor @moonlightlilyx no one asked. literally no one asked. no one said anything and u decided to post this of ur own free will. for what reason. he/him
newsome_burt Los Angeles @AynRandPaulRyan @laureldavilacpa I’m #ProLife and pro choice: reproductive health is literally a life or death situation. I don’t have any control over you or any1 else and I don’t want laws made dictating my reproductive rights. These misogynist politicians are corrupt. Is free will only allowed for white men? #television #film Combining my hobby of being a stock character evil eurasian with my other hobby of being a diabolical west coast Hollywood Liberal.
zoranhorus World Planet Earth Because and soul what is forced on something is wounded soul. It's wrong , people have free will and no dictator from past could not remove that. Free will and right on own choice is harder and bigger. That's why education and prevention. Not forcing with prohibit. 🔱We should all see this World cross eye of children and then you will remember, how this World is amazing place-Zoran 16.08.2017.🔱
LightGalactic Any free will that he has Adolph Hitler tries to hijack and for control when I came out of his bunker so you can see that Adolph Hitler is a hijacker for control bringing people into his bunker to interrogate them, to dissect them for control, & then he will try to hijack them to Keep omniversal mass extinctionists not doing their job.
LecherousChaos ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴘɪɴɴᴇᴅ ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴅ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴀᴄᴛɪɴɢ. @GreenHxiredFuta Attempting the former will result in her having her stripped of her free will and being turned into a mindless slave. One does not trifle with Outer Gods and expect to come out on top. She does, however, fancy a chat. Tʜᴇ Oᴜᴛᴇʀ Gᴏᴅ ᴋɴᴏᴡɴ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀɴʏ ᴀs 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐑𝐀𝐖𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐎𝐒. | #LEWDRP #MVRP | #Aʀɪ3s
PrinceG Philosophers and neuroscientists join forces to see whether science can solve the mystery of free will Marketer | Writer | Bibliophile | Traveler | Photographer | PERSONAL MOTTO - A.B.L.- Always Be Learning.
zoranhorus World Planet Earth God has given you ten commandments and free will how you can do on your own conscience. It's his biggest gift to humanity. Free will. These conservatives are playing God. God doesn't force. God guide.👍 that's how I see. God is not dictator. God love. 🔱We should all see this World cross eye of children and then you will remember, how this World is amazing place-Zoran 16.08.2017.🔱
Anyrubik In your face @nowthisnews Crazy stubborn lunatics... live and let others leave their live as they please GOD INTEND IT THAT WAY IS CALLED FREE WILL... remember that saying that religious believes are like penises... it totally apply to this pseudo christians Creating deliberated grammatical mistakes to piss all those twitter grammar nazis off...
yopotnawhiz Los Angeles, CA We can do so much good in the world if we just decide to. We have free will and are not required to replenish negativity. We can water seeds of positivity and intentionally spread joy. TV & FILM • East Oakland raised, LA living! • Fun with music at Honor Roll/HNRL • FEAST / Secret Menu • Views Are My Own
BeachPhilosophy Melbourne, Australia @Alex_d_281 I’m coming from a different angle - I’m agnostic for starters, but I do agree that much of what people believe about free will is contested at best and baseless at worst. #Philosopher of language & education. Interested in #cryptocurrency ethics and better ways to teach philosophy. Opinions are my own & not my employer's.
hearthinhand Lilith Prayer Bead Necklace in Garnet: Sumerian/Babylonian Goddess of Fertility and Free Will Multi-faith semi-reconstructionist polytheistic pagan. Change is the only constant.
MonaghanLeanne @solutions_cwc My daddy always told me, God always for some reason or other, will bring us to our knees, but because we have free will, he can't make us reach to him, there'll be God and devil with a hand out to pick you off your knees, and we need to choose which hand to take. 34 Yr old, alcoholic, mummy of 1 daughter, In recovery 12 days, after recent relapse 30 days prior, Going to AA and trying to fight the urge. Keeping it simple.
Lookz94 Lothlorien, Middle Earth @DimitarDragom @SteveMcRae_ If my goal was to make a perfect world and I was, myself, perfect then sure. On a related note, do you think there's free will in heaven, assuming it exists? Brazil gay boy, mid 20s, board games, video games, books and music. Forgets a lot. Have boyfriend, much love 💚
Alex_d_281 San Antonio, TX For the record, I wholesale reject human autonomy in election and libertarian free will. Most defenses I have seen of such things are mostly incoherent and hinge on things like quantum theory / Heisenberg uncertainty. Sovereign gracer, Husband, father, Marine, IT Professional, blockchain enthusiast, meme-ologist. @steemflagrewards @flagawhale
MarDBallJr California, USA @ShawnTheAtheist Nonsense. Existence is either of God or God-absent. God-absent is determinist. If it's determinist then you're just matter and energy behaving as you always would, and you have no free will. Without a will your position is absolutely arbitrary. That's reason, not "psychology". God, family, friends, patriotism. Always striving for self improvement. John 3:16; Luke 10:27; Matthew 10:16; John 15:18; Luke 22:36; Romans 1:18-32
meyamoben Portland, OR @Jordan_Sather_ If there’s no penalty for Apostacy, it’s not a cult, IMO. Cults punish their defectors ruthlessly and enslave the followers mentally/spiritually. If one can walk away via their own free will, it’s not a cult. Btw, I know nothing about Ramtha. Never heard of it until 2 days ago... I'm a world traveler and I like to try everything once! Why limit yourself?
sosouix Mound, MN, USA A reason is never valid for a mind of nature having not been existing for 18 years by community and diplomatic social understudy such that it is feeble in influence, free will, and consequences. Only ferrel children become responsible in testified to the effect of their guardian. My political rule tweets for conduct with law, as I know it, as I had learned or kept once before along the way as a collective.
Michael39804054 Lochearn, MD If you own real estate, or have children, you need LegalShield. If you pass will out a will, your property and the custody of your minor children will be decided by the state. Our members get a free will for themselves and their spouse. Plus much more. Bring order from The Chaos one line of computer code at a time.
HRRV Fargo, ND Join us Saturday, May 25 at Pinehurst Resort in Naytahwaush, Minn., for RibBest, a rib competition and potluck! The meal is a free will offering with all proceeds benefitting @HRRV. Please share this post with others who may be interested in attending. Hospice of the Red River Valley has provided compassionate end-of-life care in ND & MN since 1981.
One_WomanRiot Wherever I'm Needed @MikeHillfl What about all the Americans that aren't Christians #MikeHill?? To hell with them?! Are we now just uniting church and state? Well, I talked to God and she told me you're a liar and you aren't allowed to take away anyone's free will and autonomy. She was pretty mad. Writer, activist, rescues animals, #Buddhist, Liberal. Cool 🐈. Call Me Al. Follow me, Asian American #Resist #LupusWarrior #FBR
Kate930783911 @scott5626 @bbmonarch1122 @dbongino God has given us Free Will. We can and do do a lot of things He does not approve or condone. Hence, we always need the Cross and Mercy of Jesus Christ. Proud Deplorable. Support Our President. Defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Truth matters, facts are stubborn things.
hannah_b99752 England, United Kingdom He gave us free will. That's fine too. We get to pick between right and wrong 🐾Student / Teutonophile.
jnewsombot Then dive down there with the lights to lead that seem to shine from everything — down to the bottom of the deep blue sea; down where your heart beats so slow, and you never in your life have felt so free. Will you come down there with me? Random Joanna Newsom lyrics according to every 10 minutes.
BrandyT03828758 If I told you that I thought you should go to prison for enjoying doggie style with your opposite sex spouse/partner what would you think about that? By controlling a person's personal choices you are in turn taking the God given gift of free will and trampling on it.

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